Merry Christmas Early

9 months ago
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I have about 29 different coin type things now including STEEMP, CTP, LEO, SPHR, CCC, JAHM, PHOTO, SAVVY, UFM, BPC, WEED and more

I traded all my BTC for STEEMP so I'll have to buy more BTC soon I guess. Some of the coin things I bought more after getting some small amount like .00021267 or whatever it was.
I guess that's how some of them get attention and get people like me to buy some, send a small amount to people and see what happens.

I have been logging into clicktrackprofit and checking things but it is showing red squares on the Dec. calendar on the dashboard, maybe I didn't look at the dashboard or "home" page after login but I think I only missed the 1st and 2nd when I was not home & not online. The other days should have been green but oh well, no biggie. I will just do what I can when I can.