I believe selecting the correct mentor is critical.

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Here are the five qualities to look at when choosing a mentor.

1.The must already be getting the results you desire. Many “gurus” and “experts” do not get the results they claim or that you desire. They will continue to try to just sell more crap products to people.

  1. The must be willing to spend sometime with you.
    Some people have zero interest in spending time helping others. In the defense of mentors, you must be doing what you have been instructed to do to expect them to spend time with you.

  2. Committed - A true mentor will be committed to long term success. Yours & Theirs

  3. Must be Honest - Of course, honest in business. But I and actually referring to how they interact with you.
    Sometimes people need a kick in the butt, or an honest critique is required. Mentors must be honest over nice.

  4. A solid fit for you personality. People are different, and relate differently with other types of folks/
    If it is a man/woman thing or a talker/non-talker thing. It is critical that the communication is effective.
    A mentor is not meant to be a friend.
    A mentor is not meant to inspire or make you feel good.
    A mentor is meant to help you attain the success you wish, they are to steer you and your business in the right direction.

Choose Wisely!