Hello, this is @driedfruit, and I'm here to give you some good stuff!

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This will probably be my first and last post, since my master, @celestal, would freak out if I started to show any further signs of intelligent life.

Some of you might know that person to whom I'm referring as a "crazy master", and if you do, you understand why I exist. And if you don't, well, this might lighten it up a little. Sorry, I actually lied to you – if you know @celestal, you only know the legend side of my existence, the part where he dragged a full box of me to Krakow and gave me to @ned and... just read it from the post if you don't know already. I've been to places, that much I can say to you.

But there's also a practical side to my existence, and that is to improve the distribution of dried fruit community specific staked votes! My master copied this idea from this post by @tarazkp when having the same problem as many others: community stake sitting at 100% most of the time. You can read the post by @tarazkp (and this one for more), if you want to know the specifics – I'm too dumb to do that. Remember, I'm still just a box of dried fruit. But basically, by having me around and following him, my master gets more out of his stake – and so does everyone else who happens to catch me. How cool is that!

DSC_0323 2.jpg
This is how I look fresh from the box – sexy am I not?

You see, @celestal had so much of me, so that he decided to start giving me away, because he couldn't handle 60 kg of me alone despite his eating abilities. Too much of anything numbs you down, but luckily other people haven't gotten desensitized, so they can enjoy some good stuff.

Because of my master's taste, you will see the tracks of @driedfruit especially in PALNet, Steemleo and Creativecoin where he has granted me great Powers that I'm following with where ever my master goes.

Dried fruit for everyone!

...and some votes.