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Welcome everyone on @dtube 👊😎

I'm Daniel "Dirapa" (Tripple Diamond) &...
It's my Tresh - the Chain ⛓️ Warden in League of Legends on All Random All Mid (ARAM).
More in video...

If someone want to play with me that's my nicks:
➡ EUNE Dirapa
➡ EU WEST Dirappa
➡ US Dirapa
Write to me for confirmation.

In free time i invite You to my stream :)
I hope you will have fun ❣
Be ready for more...

See you later, peace ☮ 👋

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@dirapa, Looks like this game have so many components. Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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That's true! U need to play alot to know all about it, i dont prefer to start :P
Bless You

Welcome and keep enjoying your Gaming Sessions. 🙂👍

  ·  4 months ago