Snake Medicine Healing Ritual - Part 2

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This is part 2 and the final installment of my Healing through Snake Medicine video series from last month's (October 2019) Living Prism Coven's event known as Ritual. Click here to see part 1 first - You will not be disappointed if you watch the entire video, & the post includes an expansive description of my experience at the event, along with many photos.

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This set features a surprise guest DJ (sorry I still do not know his name) that ended up sporting a live violin and throwing down the best performance of the night - up against some already phenomenal performers in their own right. This Ritual crowd energy caster was a wood nymph fairy that does an incredible job with her ritualistic dancing. She is also dancing in front of a strangely dressed over-sized mask-head man, which I get some close up shots of. The video includes two short snipets from other sets not included in part 1 as well. The music in the first part of the final set is quite therapeutic, and carries with it an extreme depth of powerful emotion.


The second part of the set show things going on with the crowd and lights I cannot describe in words, and you just have to watch the second part of the video to see. It may take a discerning eye to see what I see.There is also some burlesque near the end of the video where a beauty wearing lit up antlers struts her power in a garter belt and stockings. There was some seriously powerful majikal feminine energy all throughout this event.

We will be attending another Living Prism Coven event on New Year's Eve called Renew - to receive blessings of purity heading into a new phase of our lives for 2020. I will surely publish content related to that event as well in early January. Contact me on Discord or comment below if you are local to Portland, Oregon and would like to attend. There is enough pure healing to go around.

Enjoy the video!

& allow the majik to heal your soul


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Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies

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