It is now or never for me.

in dtube •  9 months ago  (edited)

I feel Steem is super cheap at the moment. Sub 20 cent US is a bargain in my eyes. At this price, even if it gets lower, I can scoop up loads for just 100$.

Then I turn this into sort of savings account. One that actually pays a decent positive interest on a unit of exchange.

Anyways, I am not giving anyone any financial advice. Make your own mind up and do not listen to me.

Now I am just waiting to see Steemit Smart Media Tokens (SMT) and their communities project.

Exciting times ahead,


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Let make the steem blockchain stronger. ;)

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One block at a time

It's a Great Time to get Out of FIAT and Into some productive assets..........

I totally agree. Plus it is great to be in something so creative, constructive with utility