The End of KYC-AML

in dtube •  8 months ago  (edited)

We are entering the era of hybrid exchanges. This is necessary since 99.999% of the world is still fiat based. However, even as we are starting to enter this phase, we can see how the end of KYC/AML will unfold.

As the world starts to acquire more cryptocurrency, the need to convert fiat is lessened. Up to this point, most of the industry acquired their tokens via purchase. This was the only way (other than mining which also required an investment).

Each day we are seeing a shift as more tokens are distributed and additional projects come online. SMTs might send this into warp speed if a number of websites embrace that technology.

Going from crypto-to-crypto is a much different process as compared to fiat being involved.

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KYC/AML doesn’t stop terrorists (who are mostly funded by governments) or criminals (who can work around it).
It just makes life difficult and interferes with the privacy of regular folk.
I say good riddance!

Once again I'm faced with the grey screen of death. Your videos play fine on 3Speak but not so much on DTube

crypto-to-crypto exchange is just a matter of time. Soon the software will be seemless. The internet will look like one big block-chain to the average user.

But, i am waiting for the moment when digital currency can swap in and out of physicality.