PalPay Dumps PornHub: Will This Help Crypto To Be Used For Payments

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PayPal is the largest online processor of payments. It was announced that the company will no longer support PornHub, one of the largest online porn tube sites.

Porn is always a leader in technology. Will this alter the payment landscape and open the door for cryptocurrency?

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I kept some DPorn tokens! Maybe it will noon and I will be a lucky lottery ticket holder

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DPorn should accelerates its developments, as well as its content posting.

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If DPorn plays its cards right, it could have an interesting future.

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I thought that is why they were using Verge and that was there next big thing.

I thought that is why
They were using Verge and that
Was there next big thing.

                 - cryptoandcoffee

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Slight transposition error in your title ;)

😬 transposition, totally missed studying that one in school. Thank goodness i am an artist. ❤ what is this aspect of grammar @stevelivingston

It's where you get stuff muddled up.

Title says Palpay - tickled me, sad I know 😜

Ohhhhh, like when i say Heat Seaters in the car and then we laugh. It's like an art of comedy or something LOL. I appreciate that you took the time to school me on this one. See, sleeping in class was worth it! I got my lesson eventually 😂

Bad move PayPal— great day for crypto 😉👍🏽

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PalPay? Is that PALNET's new payment system? 🤑

The day is imminent (insert Steem for Verge) 😍

I'm supportive of this not from an economic or technological standpoint but simply because porn is related to sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. So I'm supportive of this move my PayPal for standing up against sex trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women and girls.

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Now this is where crypto can take a lead forward

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