Cyber Monday reveals mobile driving ecommerce train

in ecommerce •  6 months ago 

Cyber Monday reveals mobile driving ecommerce train (Retail customer experience)

  • According to Adobe Analytics, holiday shopping on Cyber Monday broke existing records, with consumers spending US$9.4bn, a 19.7% increase yoy.
  • Notably, mobile transactions reached US$3.1bn, recoding the highest yoy growth ever recorded for this date.

Analysis and Comments

  • In a way the newsflow speaks for itself. It is clear that the trend to online is continuing and that the main driver continues to be mobile.
  • While some of the shift is about price discovery, there is also a big role for convenience, as highlighted by the comments around the importance of one day shipping & work being done on payment systems.
  • One question the shift to online raises is what does it mean for margins
  • While the outlook may be depressing, it worth highlighting that analysts still expect margin erosion to continue as store lfl declines continue.
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