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What is happening with the Venezuelan economy for some years is something totally alarming; If we take into account the movement in food prices in recent weeks, there is no human explanation of how a people can survive this tragedy.

In my personal opinion, it is further evidence of the existence of a God who takes care of us from the heavens using earthly sources for our sustenance. Of course, for science and economists this has an explanation beyond faith.


What I share with you are only data of a superficial investigation that I carry out, inspired by some numbers that my friend @juanmolina left in a comment that he made to a publication that he made with the account @hope.venezuela.

The data I share below can be found on the Internet, in any news portal. My intention is to put into context the current reality of the Venezuelan who decided to stay or did not have the opportunity to emigrate.



According to official figures this is the percentage that reached the accumulated inflation in 2019, in a period between January and September of last year.

(Image courtesy of @juanmolina)


According to the IMF these are the real figures of inflation in Venezuela for the year 2019.

The common Venezuelan understands the economy as follows

More than 4.6 million

It is the estimated number of Venezuelans who have left the country in recent years, seeking welfare for their family.

More than 650,000

According to the United Nations, it is the number of Venezuelans who have applied for official asylum in some country in the world.


According to the IMF annual report, this is the percentage of unemployment present in Venezuela for 2019, according to the projection, it is believed to reach 47.9% in 2020.

1.88 $

It is approximately the minimum monthly salary in Venezuela, added to $ 1.88 more for food bonus, which adds:

3.76 $

What would be the approximate integral salary of a common Venezuelan.

309,000 million barrels of oil.

Venezuela is the first country with proven oil reserves in the world, followed by Saudi Arabia, which has 266,005 million barrels of proven reserve oils, thirdly Canada with 169,000 million barrels.


For many it is inexplicable (including me), that a country with the oil wealth that our country has, not to mention gold, gas or other minerals and natural resources, may be living the misfortune that ours lives.

What happened to our economy? Why do we get where we are? ... And the worst of the case because we keep falling?

This is the current reality of our economy, they are numbers and figures that you find in any Internet portal, and they reflect the serious crisis that our beloved Venezuela is experiencing, we all pray that this will improve and the recovery and prosperity desired may come.

Let me know your opinion!

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Fucho I think about this a lot and I appreciate you writing about it. For reference I live in Colombia and even in my small town I talk daily with Venezuelans.

First we must understand that it is not about 'fair' or 'fairness'. Much of our world system is poorly designed and a result more of history than anyone alive today.

The world system may explain why Colombians are relatively better off than Venezuelans today or Venezuelans were relatively better of than Colombians in the 1990's. But it does not explain why rich tropical areas are poorer than northern temperate climates - check out this cultural primer

What I find most important is how to redesign, and I am working through 3 ways, agroforestry systems, education and technology. To me the only answer is to go around the world system and use appropriate technology and design to build ground-up sustainable development. I am working with @quintaesencia to be able to support such efforts.

Hello dear @ecoinstar, I honestly do not know why this is due, maybe you are right when you say that the cause is the model, I do not know. The truth of all this is that it is a calamity for this people.

I welcome the initiative you have and the work you are doing with @quintaesensia, forward these actions have a positive impact on society.

Thanks friend!

Friend @fucho80, the prices you show on that list were far behind, now it is almost double the prices shown there.

while the post is active. I should update the prices so that all your followers who do not live in Venezuela see this calamity.

Saludos viste el precio del dolar. hoy.

Friend @fucho80, the prices you show on that list were far behind, now it is almost double the prices shown there.

Hello dear @lanzjoseg, true, what happens is that in Venezuela there is no price stability, and when they go up they do it in an exaggerated way.

It is a good idea to update prices while the publication is active, this is a real madness.

I already saw the price of the dollar, when I checked it was at 70000bs, but since that is not stable I don't know what price it will have now.

Saludos desde caracas a mi parecer el gobierno usa el hambre como medio de control socia, un país que ha tenido tanto dinero y ha convertido a la población ni en la sombre de lo que antes eramos tanto en valores, cultura, y cada dia menos humanos ya que solo estamos pensando en la sobrevivencia diaria