The 𝔇𝔦𝔳𝔦𝔫𝔢 Vs the 𝔸𝕣𝕥𝕚𝕗𝕚𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕝: 𝘾𝙤𝙣𝙨𝙘𝙞𝙤𝙪𝙨𝙣𝙚𝙨𝙨 & 𝙎𝙮𝙢𝙢𝙚𝙩𝙧𝙮

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A friend asked me, “How will this all end… their reign over us?”

‘They’ being the Leviathan, the beast that goes by many names and many faces.

Some call it the elite, the cabal, the Illuminati, the Luciferians.


The Dracos, the reptilians, the archons, and other demonic and alien entities.


Some call it bureaucracy, the internet of things, or Artificial Intelligence.

Some call it the Left, Communists, the right, Capitalists.

CFR, Bilderberg, Davos, Club of Rome.

Globalists, Nepotists, Metropolitan elites, Zionists…


Predators, pedophiles…

The Phoenicians, the Black nobility, the wizards, the hidden hand.

The herd, the envious, the last man and the slave class.


The order follower, the busy-body, the snide and pedantic…

The ugly, the traitorous, and the spiritually obese.

Whatever it goes by, it’s defined by its morphism — that is to say whatever grotesque head it has, it is its SYSTEM-PRESERVING QUALITIES that make it what it is. For that is what is ubiquitous and connects these somewhat disparate abstractions.


However you want to define it is not wholly important. It’s like describing a glass from different angles. I will look at it from below, you from the side. Our descriptions will sound different but we’re talking about the same thing.

We are in a spiritual war of cosmic proportions, and those who cannot see it do not have eyes to see yet. They do not resonate on the energetic frequency that allows them to see it… predominantly because they do not want to, and reality will give you what you want whether you realise it or not.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil.


You cannot “wake people up” who don’t want it. It is a pretty fruitless endeavour. It’s a sacrifice, you can lose life-long friends over it.

Unfortunately it’s also an immoral act. You cannot force someone’s eyes open, the greater you try the more push back you receive. There are always equal and opposite reactions. It’s like trying to stretch an overly tight muscle. It has a stretch reflex causing it to constrict.

Truly the way to persuade people is to relax them and then impress them. When you are relaxed you are more suggestible and open. When you are impressed you want to emulate.


I hope… the spiritual war is heading into its final few battles. But the final battles are always the most ferocious.

We are entering into the apocalypse, what does the apocalypse mean?

It means, “The revealing.”

The year is 2020.

2020 vision. This year is about clarity.


So, back to the question, how will this all end?

The war is between two systems:

The divine system vs. The artificial system

First I will explain the divine system, this is predominately from Walter Russell’s work on consciousness, particularly his book ‘The Universal One’.


There is nothing but the whole. Everything is alive. It is all frequency.


Some have called this, “Prima Materia”.


Take the periodic table and all its elements , for instance. Truly there is only one universal element, and that is pure consciousness.

In the absence of consciousness there is just stillness.

When consciousness has an intent behind an idea, and that idea produces thought, that thought creates an electrical vector.


That electrical vector will then polarise and branch off into two different directions (Yin-Yang).


This causes a vibration in the stillness. That vibration is then picked up by our senses and deciphered into a 3D reality that becomes manifest in the physical world.

All elements are electrical vectors along a wave form. We live in an electrical universe that is put into motion by our thoughts.


Our thoughts are like paint on a canvas. The divine system is the archetype. The original pattern of which all things are representations and copies, like a perfect painting for us to emulate.

After thought comes emotion.

Emotions are what give thoughts velocity. When you couple the right kind of elevated emotion with your thoughts then you become a creator of reality. Then you are able to be a player in the game, and create reality in your little coordinates of consciousness.

Imagine this divine system as different tonal fields. Humanity (at the moment) plays on the 5th octave. According to Russell, there are 9 in total.

In the 5th octave, the element carbon is the apex. The apex of a wave on a tonal field is its high point away from the horizontal line, here it is 90° from the line, and therefore at its most stable.

This is why carbon forms the backbone of our physical reality.


Each octave is like a realm as it were (or a memory bank in the way the akashic records talk about it).

Electricity along specific vectors create all the elements, which gives us the 3D characteristics of everything we experience in our reality.


What we see as physical reality is actually a cyclic patterning of elements going up and down the scales of these electrical fields.


All elements will cycle through all other elements. Some day hydrogen will become carbon and then go back full circle.


Nothing is fixated — these are electrical forces predictably cycling through a universal code and giving us the dimensions and characteristics we experience.


What needs to be comprehended about consciousness is that, ideas, whether true or false, can be manifested in the material plane, but they need to be attached to heightened emotions in order to be launched.

For example: at the moment,

The idea is: Coronavirus

The emotion is: Fear

An idea becomes manifest when it has enough vibrational load to bring it to life.

I’m not going to get into exactly how this works because this is a twitter thread, and there is only so much people are willing to read before losing concentration.

But essentially the pattern happens as such: a thought (which is an informational field) needs to carry enough vibrational energy to be registered by our senses. A single thought creates two polarities. These act as wide vortexes circling back into a single point, and then reverberating out again.


As soon as a thought is polarised, it creates tension between those two polarities. These polarities seek balance either with each other or with some other element in nature. In the same way our bodies try to seek homeostasis.

This idea of polarity and balance correlates with the patterns of:


“As above so below”

“Know thyself, know the universe”

These patterns are fractal, any one polarity pattern you can witness in nature is mimicked throughout all nature


Think veins…roots


Why certain plants look like organs in the body

The golden ratio

Sacred geometry

The Prima Materia exists in all things and expresses itself everywhere.

This system is demonstrable and divine. It creates everything around us.

It is SYMMETRY. Pure and simple. Life and health are about establishing symmetry.


Then there is the artificial system.


The artificial system is, in effect, in rebellion against creation. It is a simulacra, a cheap imitation.

And as such, it must fool us into believing it’s credibility by concealing the one divine system.

This is why frequency of music matters. 440hz (which is what most modern instruments are tuned to) is a simulacra and therefore abstracted and unhealthy.


432hz is closer to the frequency of the divine system and more compatible with the human body.

If the divine system in symmetry, the simulacra is asymmetry.

The simulacra is an idea that has been superimposed onto our physical reality.

And in the same way that symmetry in the tonal field creates symmetry and balance in our outer reality, the simulacra creates asymmetry in our outer reality.


It does this by infecting us on a psycho-energetic level. It forms a new baseline for what we think reality is and we become dependent on it, like an alcoholic becomes dependent on the baseline he creates by having a shot upon waking each morning.

The Leviathan understands this principle and has hijacked us on a mental plane with its false system of asymmetry.

The simulacra also acts as a conductor for our potential. The false reality is an inversion and our potential feeds that inversion.

It gets bigger because we believe it. Your potential (creativity) has to go somewhere and if the only system you know is the asymmetrical one, your potential will feed it.


This is the reason Crowley, for instance, wrote and spoke backwards. It is a spell that supports the system of asymmetry

You see this inversion everywhere:


War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is Strength
The world is so complex…

No it aint, it's simple really.


Walter Russell’s teachings were picked up by the European Royalties, he had much correspondence with Tesla, Rudolf Steiner and other eminent thinkers of his day.


However, he isn’t taught in school.

Because if he was it would essentially disprove the methodology behind almost everything we learn.

The system of asymmetry is the pedestal for which almost all of modern thought is based on (medicine, science etc). I

A house built on sand cannot stand.

In fact, Russell admonished people not to be educated past the 4th grade level because it would just mean more to unlearn.


Fortunately, there are many of us that intuitively called bullshit on the majority of what we learnt in school, so it’s easier for us to comprehend these things.

This is why this corner of twitter is light years ahead of your average normie
virgin. We subconsciously never bought into the system, we just went through the adequate motions.


Metaphysics is real physics. The physics we are taught in school is mostly nonsense. It’s mostly just theoretical and circumstantial. They are just ideas, rather than the consciousness that instigates the idea.

Look at Emoto’s water experiment if you want proof of Russell’s ideas about consciousness.


Right, so with all this said. How do we — you and I — destroy the Leviathan’s simulacra over us?

You can’t win a rigged game, so you have to stop playing it.

First their reign must end inside you… by your choices, your emotions, your thoughts and intention. The way you think, feel and act gives the Leviathan permission. Truly it cannot do anything without your permission. It cannot infringe upon your free will without your consent first.



Unfortunately, we don’t realise we give our consent because the extraction of our consent has been occulted through judicial systems we don’t really comprehend.

This is the purpose of legalese. When a cop asks you if you “understand” that doesn’t mean “comprehend”… in legalese it means “stand under”. As in, ‘obey’.

We do not understand. We innerstand.

Thoughts attached to heightened emotions and intentions become actions.

They all carry with them energetic weight. They all have an etheric signature.


Where your awareness goes, your energy flows.

You become and create what you think about most of the time.

It may sound cringe, but there is energetic power in verbalising your lack of consent. I will sometimes say aloud, “I do not consent to… this system etc etc”

So step 1 — Absolutely No Fear. No shame. No guilt.


These are base emotions and will keep you circling the drain emitting lower frequencies.

These frequencies are harvested and transmuted by the Leviathan to maintain our reality in a chaotic asymmetrical state.

Chaos is a ladder. Snap the rungs.

The true way out of this is IN.

You change your internal state and your energy emanates outward. You do this honestly and without dissimulation, and you will find that the world begins to change around you.

This happens on an individual level, but ripples onto the collective.


When a critical mass of people have destroyed their internal fear, doubt and guilt, the external world will more rapidly shift into symmetry. The microcosm emanates outward altering the macrocosm.

Of course they will not go down without an almighty fight.

Every trick will be deployed to maintain a state of chaos, and there are a lot of them.

But when you realise you are God and with the right knowledge and ability you can literally create the world around, they have no power over you. They melt like the wicked witch of the East.

You do need to be very aware of the tricks.


Step 2 — Be prepared to sacrifice everything you thought before.

If necessary, you must be willing to sacrifice your preconceived notions and beliefs. Everyone is a gatekeeper in some way, do as Bruce Lee said:

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own.”

You cannot rely on anyone to save you, people can show you the door (that’s why they are called gatekeepers) but you must step through it.

When i say everyone is a gatekeeper in some way, I mean everyone:

Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Trump, your dad, your mentor, me, Mel Gibson… everyone

Do not attach your identity to trinkets, ideologies, movements, religions, and conceptions of yourself. If you discover them to be wrong, you will struggle to shed them from you.

Your ego is a suit that you try on… You need to be able to take it off sometimes.


Step 3 — Want the truth and be willing to die for it

Seek truth and truth alone, however it comes, no matter where it takes you. Embrace the dark night of the soul. After the darkness the sun will rise and heroes are born.

Other than that, make yourself strong. Be bold, REALLY TRULY believe in yourself.

You must back yourself. Who else is going to?


Put skin in the game, smile and enjoy the many symmetries life has to offer. Be kind to animals, talk to plants - they can hear you.


Ultimately, have gratitude. Don’t focus on the darkness.

See it, comprehend it, learn how it operates and then overcome it.

We choose to live in a harmonic world, not a dissonant world.

Then we usher the golden age into existence.

We’re all gonna make it brahs.


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Peace, Love, Anarchy,