Esteem App & My top position ..user#1

9 months ago
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last night my position was#2

Hello friends
Really i'm.very happy to see that today i'm top user of esteemapp. I was sufferinng from fever from last day i could not login to my desktop and i used my mobile esteemapp to read post and upvote and also comments under post.

But i have no idea that if i'll use esteemapp for comments upvote my name will be in top users.

Desr friends i had read other user post upvoted and wrote comments with all this activity that i done with help of esteem app.

I got esteem points that i can exchange with steem.

Dear friends if you are still not using esteemapp come join esteemapp and earn daily good reward 🤗

You can join discord of esteemapp to get more info.

Thanks esteemapp for good reward.