Kick Airdrop

in ethereum •  6 months ago 


So I was randomly looking inside my Ethereum wallet and noticed this KickICO airdrop. Remember airdrops? 888,888 coins worth $60. Thanks Kick!

It's so weird how value is just being created out of thin air and most of the world is just completely oblivious to it. Even more alarming is how most people don't understand how central banking works. I was randomly watching a TV show called Top Gear the other day where they went to Vietnam. The producers trolled them by giving them boxes of cash; millions of Dong, with the purpose of buying a vehicle.


As you can imagine, the boxes full of 15 million Dong were worth around $1000 at the time. Looks like it aired in 2008 and now that much Dong is worth $645. They've already lost another 35% against the dollar.


Which is pretty sad because the dollar has also obviously also lost significant value in the last decade. Central banking is the worst, and it runs the entire world and no one seems to realize how detrimental it is for their livelihood. It's simply always been this way therefore that's the way it is. The spectrum of modern slavery has done quite a good job of keeping the rich rich and poor poor.

In any case...

Looks like Kick coin is basically a Kickstarter crowd funding thing. Not sure if there are any affiliations. Not gonna argue about "free money" though. Although I guess since I'm not cashing out I haven't really gained anything yet so who knows...

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Sell them and buy more steem. ;)

ha, i know right.

I think the coins are frozen and need to be unlocked by trading on the exchange they are gonna build.

Ah yes, good to know.
Looks like they are traded on KuCoin... which I have an account,
but i have no idea about the locking of them.

But it is still Blockchain. Real Tokens Whatever the rule of Blockchain is. It will not be forgotten. Imagine that cash fails. You will have to work with Blockchain. I am not aware of what conditions i was willing to accept to get randomly picked.