Powerup Statistics #25 - Nov 19th - Dec 3rd

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Screenshot 2019-12-03 at 07.19.51.png

Every two weeks or so I like to compare the current power-up statistics and see how we stand.

Here they are:

19 November 2019

STEEMPOWER208,0 million
LIQUID STEEM123,7 million
SBD7,4 million

Virtual Supply ≈ 368,524,166 STEEM

3 December 2019

STEEMPOWER208,1 million (+0,1 million)
LIQUID STEEM124,7 million (+1 million)
SBD7,4 million (0 million)

Virtual Supply ≈ 369,845,646 STEEM

This report is very similar to the one we saw two weeks ago.

The same big accounts that were powering down are still doing so, adding to the liquid supply.

But there are also enough people keeping their SP earnings powered up and also other people powering up (bought or liquid earnings) to keep the amount of STEEMPOWER stable at ~208 million.

That was slightly unexpected (I was anticipating a small down move), so I was happy to see that.

The price of STEEM is still slowly going down in USD value (compared to two weeks ago) but that has everything to do with the BTC price.

On a satoshi level we have been pretty stable since the beginning of August around the 1600 sats level.

Even the MA100 has caught up now (purple line) on the daily STEEMBTC chart.

Screenshot 2019-12-03 at 08.13.41.png

The STEEM price might still go lower in USD but I do hope the double punishment STEEM has received for so long of Sats going down in conjunction with a down move in BTC is over.

It's far from confirmed. But it's looking more promising than before.

All in all not a bad report but a bit quiet.

I am not unhappy about Steem though. Lots of stuff is happening every report.

This week: Splinterlands just released there new version called Untamed and Paycent integrated Steem to name a few.

Next report in two weeks.

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I bought 4.5k Steem @ $0.103 last week and powered it all up :^)

perfect level.


A great entry point that was so far! I hope you got the bottom :)

Saw the announcement of paycent and thats a small step in the right direction. Hopefully crypto.com catch up as well. I cancelled my power down anyways, had to sell off some steem earlier but I'm good now.

Strong buy of steem at 0,01 USD.


Well it was a SPUD day :)

I like to combine the sma/Ema indicator with the slow stochastics for as far TA says anything.

Potential entries when the Ema crosses the sma on a 4 hr or bigger time window and the stochastics firmly in sold/overbought

steem need to bounce back strong from here

I was going to do a power up on SPUD day again, but I was on the Thanksgiving holiday and I wasn't able to be near a computer. I am hoping that maybe within the next couple of weeks I can powerup something. I have been saving some liquid STEEM for a good time. I need to do something with it soon before I end up spending it on SteemMonsters cards!

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The calm before the storm, been buying up this cheap STEEM over the last few months and got goals to achieve with it that wouldn't have been possible a year ago. Great time for anyone to bolster their account if they wanted to.

I think you are right it's likely the bottom,I have a lot of faith in steem I think the while crypto market is going to have an intense bull run the whales waiting for the recession of the conventional markets.