#fiestatueday The 1982 Mexican Libertad bullion coin, Sister Teresa D’Mordecai: Part 7

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”Blackbirds tend to like shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven

The 1982 Mexican Libertad saw the Mexican Mint’s first production of this 0.999 bullion coin a departure from previous versions bearing the “Ley” purities of 0.925 like the 1 Onza Medallic from 1978 to 1980 and into what we now accept as the current standards for Investment grade bullion.

Still a beautiful coin that even as a mass produced bullion coin, this 1982 Inaugural Libertad still commands a hefty premium in a Brilliant Uncirculated condition. This typical Brilliant Uncirculated specimen still set me back a hefty premium considering the bag marks and weak legend. Bigger premiums are significantly higher on those harder to find better than MS60 without the bag marks.

The 1982 Mexican Silver Bullion Libertad

1982 Mexico 1 Onza Libertad
Reverse: Angel of Liberty
1 Onza, Plata Pura, Mo, 1982 Mexico, Ley .999
31.1g, .999 Silver
36mm Diameter, 3.47mm Thick

Cavalry unit by ignaciofrontela under Pixabay

As Sister Argénta rode towards the battle she could see General Morelos and his few men were now fighting for their lives.
Almost overwhelmed by sheer numbers the now Cavalry moves in to crush the Rebellion's leaders once and for all and take the treasure. Meanwhile, Sister Teresa appeared distressed and in pain with her head veil gone and blood splattered over her white Wimple bib.
She was defending a treasure wagon, bodies of Royalists at her feet. She was fighting for Morelos, proof enough that she was no Royalist spy!

Sister Teresa D’Mordicai Part 7: Sister Argénta Savioré

July 14, 1789 Paris

It seemed not so long ago that night.
The madness had overtaken the people of Paris that fateful day and night forever etched in her memories. All day and night were the sounds of screams, shouting and musket fire. With the storming of the Bastille the French Revolution had begun, and so the French Republic is born out of pain, hunger, and an unfulfilled justice.

Before that, her Papa was the finest gunsmith in Paris and the head of the trades most influential Armory Guild. A master and genius at his craft such that Monsieur François Savioré's well-earned reputation was sought after by many aristocrats as well as King Louis XVI himself to craft magnificent personal arms. His reputation and quality work also made him a target. The Revolution demanded arms for the cause and they forced their way into his shop. The men beat her father as they demanded all the weapons that were locked and hidden.

Argénta was a very young girl at the time. Her Father taught her the practice and unique power of the pistol despite her age and fair sex.
As the rogues continue to beat her Father and sack the shop for more guns, little Argénta loaded her pistols as fast as she could to save her Papa.
After repeated demands for weapons and then his purse, the four men lost their patience and struck him down as she entered the shop with her weapons drawn.

Argénta cried, "Leave my Father be!”. She focused on her Father's shooting lessons and first was to be calm and aim to the center of the closest target. The pistols were a unique pair of slim barreled rifled pistols for improved accuracy and range. The stock and grips where fashioned from rare Gopher wood with the strength of oak but the lightness like pine. Each meticulously inlaid with Cameo Ivory, tooled silver, and as a fine work of art....

1982 Mexico 1 Onza Libertad
Obverse: Mexico Coat of Arms
Mintage of 1,049,680
Reference KM# 494.1

"Now now, little girl, you don't want to zoot your uncle Minói." The leader of the four was as an unkempt street vagrant likely taking advantage of the Revolution as a pretext for robbery.
"What would your mama think?"
"My mama is with God, leave or I will send you to ze devil myzelf. "
"Mon fillés, what lovely set of pistols you have, they'd fetch a few nice Francs on ze street no? Just hand zeem over to your uncle Minói!"
He made a sudden lunge at Argénta. Her right pistol spat with a loud crack. The vagrant clutched at his heart and then fell at her feet.

The other three were shocked.
"MINÒI!" The second vagrant dropped his booty of pistols and stomped menacingly towards her. "I will strangle you with my bare hands!" The left pistol fired, his face grimaced then he too collapsed.
"She'z empty, keel ze girl,"said the third rogue.
The remaining two vagrants one armed with a knife the other a club split up when she shifted her aim.
Her thumbs depress concealed switches on the pistol grips opening the stocks, the rear portion of the barrel rotates out flipping in place a concealed preloaded chamber and locked into place with audible clicks. The stocks close as the pistols return to their original appearance.

The knife man charged as her right pistol discharged into his face, his head lurching back, blood splatters the wall behind him, before his body fell backwards with a thud.
The club man was almost upon her as the left pistol fired point blank into his chest. He dropped his club and fell to his knees with a groan before toppling flat on his face.

1982 Mexico 1 Onza Libertad

"Papa!" Argénta sobbed as she cradled her Father's bloodied head on her lap. "Don't go away, please Papa!"

"L… Listen Argénta, I am so proud of you ...cough...cough. I never regretted you for not being my son, I will always love you. Go... go to Saint Boniface Convent and see... Father Henri Patrice. I left a special present for you and the Nuns there will keep you safe ... my beautiful daughter. So beautiful as your mother. We will watch...over y...."

For years since Argénta kept blaming herself for not being quick enough. The sight of her Father struck down played like theater in her mind over and over. Often she dreamed that he would reappear from behind the curtain onto the stage to take a bow in applause. He loved the theater.

Bonus Coin: 1963 Silver 5 Francs
Obverse: La Semeuse (the Sower)
12g, 0.835 Silver
29mm Diameter, 2.3mm Thick

In her spare time at the convent she spent what hours she could practice loading, drawing, aiming and when permitted... supervised shooting outside the grounds. It became a part of her ritual as much as her role with her duties and personal devotions. Four Savioré pistols were the gift her Father had left along with a purse of gold, silver, a letter and her mother's ring. He had prepared for the event that something could happen to him.

The new pistols were not light. They were designed to fit the hands of a mature woman, likely modelled to her mother's hands. She took on duties that require lifting to strengthen her upper arms and shoulders. She learned her weapons well becoming a part of her very being.

She ministered at the nearby Republic garrison camp as an excuse to study the troops in training and shooting exercises. She also volunteered to accompany Father Patrice to various honor duels that often showcased pistol duels more often than sword.

Her peculiar behavior didn't go unnoticed by Father Patrice or Mother Cossette who felt convinced that Nun life wasn't suitable for a young girl with bitterness in her heart or life in an orphanage considering her Father's generous contribution and legacy to the Convent. Father Patrice will keep his promise to François and help cleanse the burdened conscience of a man whose sole art was designed to kill men.

But where could his orphaned daughter fit in?

1963 Silver 5 Francs
Reverse: Three Sprigs
Reference KM# 926, Gad# 770, F# 340, Schön# 235
Mintage of 37,936,000

It was a day Father Patrice had promised to accompany Argénta out to the fallowed field for her shooting practice.
The answer came when the Cardinal’s carriage was traveling in a reckless manner pursued by ten Highwaymen down Duvalier road not far from the Convent. It was if by God’s providence that could not have been denied.

The sounds of gunfire resonated from deep within the forest, moments later a Vatican carriage careens out of the forest. The driver was wounded but still manages control while his coachman appeared slouched over and may be already dead. Two remaining cavalry guards turn to face the pursuers taking down two of the masked Highwaymen. The Highwaymen overwhelmed the guards were cut down from their mounts then continued to pursue their fleeing prey.

"That's a Vatican VIP carriage, it's in trouble!" Exclaimed Father Patrice.
Argénta waited for the carriage to pass before stepping into the middle of the road. She put her hand up and ordered, "In the name of God, Stop!"

1963 Silver 5 Francs

The masked Highwaymen hesitated slightly at the sight of the nun only to draw their swords and bore down towards her.
"Then God have mercy on your souls!" Argénta calmly reached inside the refashioned pleats along the sides of her habit. Opening the hidden slits of the skirt revealing her pair of pistols strapped over her white bloomers.

The first rider raises his sword.
In a single fluid motion she drew her right pistol, thumb cocked, fired.
As he fell from his horse she switched chambers with the flick of her right thumb, at the same time drew her left pistol raised to the next rider, thumb cocks, and squeezed the trigger.
The second rider jerks, slouches before falling.
The third rider was surprised and yet assumed her pistols spent.
He assumed wrong.
Her right pistol spat fire at the same time her left pistol rechambers it's hidden round.
His body jerks and falls lifeless onto the ground in a cloud of dust.
Again, she lifts her left pistol at the same time holstering the spent right pistol, revealing and drawing her third pistol.
The forth rider is shot amidst his confusion fell from his mount then dragged off screaming by his horse passing on her left.

Bonus Coin 2: 1797 First French Republic 1 Centime
Obverse: Head of Republic
Legend: REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE, Dupre signature
2g, Copper
18mm Diameter

The leader orders his remaining three men to stop and draw their pistols.
Stone faced, she draws her forth pistol and calmly paces forward, "Come come do lay forth yea souls in repentance and I shall grant zee mercy, else I charge yea headlong into flaming perdition!"
She estimates thirty paces the typical smooth bore pistol were hardly accurate.
Argénta stands her ground.

They lined up and fire.
Two rounds whistle passed her right side.
One plows into the earth.
Yet she did not flinch.
And last just harmlessly tearing through the fabric of her skirt.
All miss.
Her brows furrowed, "My turn!" She lines her sight down her right barrel at the leader and cocks her weapon.
Alarmed, the leader turns his horse to flee signaling his remaining thugs to do likewise.
She lowers her left pistol, leaned forward on her right foot, breathed out, then squeezed the trigger.
The Leader's hat flies free from his head.
She walks over to a corpse, wrests the pistol from the grip of the dead Highwayman, "Chàrtrè Republic Arms, ...pft... cheap garbage pistols!" and tosses it over her shoulder.

1797 First French Republic 1 Centime
Reverse: UN CENTIME, L’AN 6, A
Reference KM# 646, Gad# 76, F# 100
Mintage of 47,178,314

The carriage came to a slow stop.
Father Patrice runs up alongside and swung open the carriage door, "Are you need your Eminence?" He stared into the bodyguard’s pistols but the Crimson clad robed Cardinal ordered him to stand down.
The Cardinal replied, "I am unharmed by my assassins yet I saw everything. Who is my amazing guardian angel?"
Father Patrice replied, “She is my ward and understudy, Sister Argénta Savioré."

Since then, the Arch Bishop Puis became Pope Puis and Argénta found purposeful roles as body guard, counter espionage agent, special messenger and sometimes Investigator in a long established covert organization nicknamed D'Angel du Çharles'. Her current long term assignment brought her to New Spain to find facts and to facilitate the movement to liberty.

She dismounts and runs into the fray.


I hope you enjoyed this coin feature,

And thank you for stopping by my Blog for a little bit longer read.

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1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons
U. Unsplash
F. Flickr


“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”

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A beautifully written story, sis. It is a treasure, like all the coins you’ve shown.
I love the first year issue Libertad. My tube will be completed this year.
I think that this is the best short story you’ve written that you have written here on steemit. Have you thought of self publishing?
Have a wonderful day, sis @kerrislravenhill! Enjoy you day off! Take care 🥰🌺🤙and a million hugs and kisses 🤗😘❤️

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Keep in mind that YOU are the inspiration of this chapter.
Celebrating our friendship by immortalizing it into this work.
Writing this didn't come easy as I spent far more hours on this than usual while following common sense requirements to writing Historical Fiction. Keep it exciting, personable characters, maintain some mystery/suspense and don't contradict history.
One day I may publish.
These Libertads were rather expensive but I manged this one from an Ebay auction that offered low cost shipping. It's definitely BU but made near the end of a production run as indicated by Die wear and beaten up in a mint bag .
The French 1 Centime originates from the time of the French Revolution, a coin that was in circulation at the time of Argénta.
Always with love, 🌺 💝 🌹 💓 🌸

Wow, this is a story that has everything. Historical data, fantasy, coins, reality, freedom, oppression, revolutionary dreams, etc. You don't know where one ends and another begins. It's a mixture of magical realism?.. Maybe!
It's been a great pleasure reading you @kerrislravenhill

Oh my, heightened expectations! 😱
The pressure is on! 🤔 Putting on my writer's cap.
Some chapters I can get 'Into the zone' while others I'm banging my head against the keyboard.
Thank you for the comment @marcybetancourt

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This is how it is written!

Nice shiny Onza, that 5 franc is very nice as well. Nice show my Raven friend.

Thanks @silverd510 the star of the show is the Onza but also the supporting cast with the Modern 1963 5 Franc and the first currency of the new French Republic 1 Centime that sort of symbolizes Argénta's French origins.

Hi kerrislravenhill,

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Wow, again thank you for the delightful recognition!

So now we have two super-heroines. Great! I wonder what will happen in the future...

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Speaking of the future, I may be looking for a jovial Brazilian character to be either; an airship engineer in Tracy McMillan and the Sky Pirates or The Master Safe cracker in Tricia Maloney, the Gambler's house.
Thanks for the comment @ronaldoavelino

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I love the Libertad and yours is quite shiny. That 1797 centime is super cool too @kerrislravenhill.

Posted via Steemleo

Thanks @summertooth The old 1 Centime is straight out of the French Revolution as it's first coinage. That's why included this in my post as Argénta's origins come from the background of the French revolution. It is a part of my Father's hodge podge coin collection.

Total frig'n badass. Think I love her. LMAO

@alliedforces curate

I modelled Argénta Saviorè after a Silver Stacking member you know. 🤔 😉
Another Badass Nun, this time with a John Woo gun style!

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You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.
Current VP: 90.81%

Oh my.. I love the Silver five Francs, another beautiful Silver coin!!!😀

You'd love this 10 Franc and one of the other ladies recently shared her 50 Franc version too. I'm currently after the 10 Franc. Thanks for commenting @silvertop

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That's so nice....Give us a post when you get this one!!🤗

Ah, shiny! Love that Libertad coin. I have at least one... been a while since I went through my treasure, but I sure like knowing it's there. ;) You always do amazing write ups. Keep keepin' on!

Now that I have one of these Libertads I can understand their appeal.
I've been a bit lazy keeping track of my shiny things and run out of places to hid them other than hide them in plain view.
Thanks for dropping in @katrina-ariel

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this mix of reality and fantasy is always interesting !! I like argenta, it's like female zorro ;-)) congratulations on your work

Thank you @road2horizon,
Other than reading a pile of Historical romance fiction and taking a two week narrative writing course back in my college years I'm still finding my writing style.
Argénta can be a bit reckless as if she wanted to die and join her parents but she really needed to find answers to life;
Who am I?
What am I doing here?
What is my purpose in life with a John Woo, gun slinger duelist style? 🤔
I'll have to dream something up. 😉

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I adore historical fiction @kerrislravenhill, and I am enchanted by your story! How brilliant to use a coin, and the history behind it, to create a story. I have held many a coin, but never have I thought about how it came to be, or who touched it, or what journey it took to get to my hand. You have given me a whole new perspective on currency. A coin has such physical, measurable weight and holds temperature - why wouldn't it hold story and emotion as well? Thank you for sharing your creativity 🌱

I've loosely titled my entire fictional writing project about silver treasure as 'Chronicles of the Bloody Raven' and her eternal mission to secure and neutralize cursed treasures.
A rather corny 🌽🌽🌽 premise but I wrote this quote way in the beginning of this epic project.
I give a story, myth, or mystery about each piece I share.

”There is no other substance in the universe that has such a contradictory duality than silver! While silver may have a multitude of useful physical and chemical properties, it also has the ability to be imbued with either a curse or a blessing. It is God's money, and at the same time The Devil's metal. ~ Brother Philip of the Celestial Monastery 1688 AD

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I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing more of your thoughts and work 🌱

"Braw job Lassie!" -Keptin

Thank you Keptin, It's somethin' ahh likes to do on me spare off duty, other than chart making.

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Libertads are awesome!, so cool that you have the first year of issue even if it set you back a little, it's a piece of history now.

I have 2 libertads that I keep out as "pocket coins" as a goal reminder or just to show off at work planting the PM seed in fresh minds.

Also love the story, I hope you plan on turning that into a book, you are a great fiction writer! Stack on Sista! xox

I tend leave out a small treasure chest on the table as a conversation starter.
With a little piece of silver poking out of the lid.
Then sometimes have the open chest sitting on the center of my treasure map.
And tell the stories as I lay out the silver treasure on the map.
Or go straight to the videos.

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