Paying with Plastic and using Internet Banking.

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The world is falling apart around us and on the whole, the people who live on it are edging into a future of which no one in their right mind would ever ask for. I really need to vent and express the insanity of what has been Normalized because for now I am stood daily in the middle of it all whilst at work with the general public. I get to observe how it is for the masses now since I quite society and started travelling and its only been the last few years that I'm surrounded by consumerism at work.


Very ironic that the normal payment method is the made form the same material that is polluting our planet or more directly said - Has already polluted our Planet - don't you think?

Plastic is a completely other subject but it is also a "Convenience" isn't it, just like paying with plastic itself..

Just before I left society at the age of 24 - which meant I stopped using banks, having contracts and registering things including myself and also paying someone for a place to sleep, I did at the age of 16 get really exited that I could now have a debit card which meant that I could pay with my card and sign a receipt and they would check the signature with the one on the card.

Back then I used the card a lot and although I had a no overdraw allowed on it, I was somehow always allowed to go a few penny's into the minus of which I would be then charged 20 Gbp, for going overdrawn even though I had set it up so that I wasn't allowed to go over drawn.

I spent a good couple of years already stuck paying off these fines of going overdrawn a few penny's, and at the age of 19 or so, I began to go on payday to the cash point and to draw out my weekly wage to have it on me. Fair enough, it didn't last so long because I had more cash on me but, I could keep the cash because then I would not have to pay unfair fines.

By the age of 20 I also made sure that I was self employed and that it was up to me that I should declare the Tax asked from me on behalf the government from my wages, of which I found not to be necessary in that/this day and age. Maybe if it was the year 1625 we were all peasant's, and the country was on a brink of an invasion, maybe then and only then would I pay a tax for the money I had earned.


And 15 years later...

It has become completely normal for everyone to use a card nearly anywhere in most country's, things have changed a lot and debt has become more and more necessary to run the bigger and better Economy (look at the meaning of the word, and realize by producing any kind of waste, it should be called the "Anti-economy".) I have it quite often that people say "..well just pay by card then" and I like the look on their face when I say that I don't have one.

Paying with card is normalized as a Convenience, things of which are said to "make your life easier" and that you "need them"- although on this topic of bank cards, I can see many downsides to this Labelled Luxury.

Psychological Effects
Control of your own money
Data collection

Psychological Effects

Psychology is everything..
... and when you are unaware of that, it can make you are a target of manipulation from the most unexpected sources (laws and legality's, your employer or even your smartphone, and definitely by your own mind itself!)

Since the world wars stopped, its been all about the "Psy War" with the governments experimenting with the general public. (Basically meaning yes, on You and Me and everyone we know and its already since long been very proven- feel free to search it up if you have the time.)

When it comes to paying with a card, its quite a simple trick of the subconscious mind that is played, just like magic, but this magic is to make you over spend and get in the cycle of debt to make you become a slave instead of helping you succeed with finance in life.

The mind is complex but easily fooled.

When we pay with a card instead of cash, it just doesn't believe that we spent anything because we get given the card back to us again before we leave the shop and the mind registers as not giving anything away.

Control Of your own money.

We used to pay in cash, which meant that we had a part of the cash that we had worked for on us, and we could see it, hold it, and even smell it.

We had a good reason to go to work, and our reward was metal or paper in the form of cash, of which we could do whatever we liked with, I could give a street musician some money Or If I really wanted to, I could throw coins into a water fountain for a wish, or watch a coin spin around in some charity collection box, or even just throw money in the street or off a cliff. The point is that we should have the right to do with it as we please, is it not?

By using only a card to pay for everything, you are keeping the money supply circulating in just a few banks, or even just the same bank depends on how much you have researched how the banks are working. Imagine that you sell a car, and the buyer just happens to use the same bank as you do. The buyer takes out a loan from that same bank and sends it to your account to pay for the car, and then pays the bank interest on that loan.

Research how money is produced and you will learn that the buyer for that car had their account filled with the loaned money, but the loaned money was actually just created so that the person could start to pay it back. And don't think right now that the bank lended the car buyer someone else's money who has their money in the bank, because it Does not work like that - The money was literally just created out of thin air, and didn't even really exist.

Every piece of physical cash that exists, some poor soul somewhere is paying interest on it..


Around 15% of people who come to buy a street magerzine are taking out their wallet or purse thinking they have cash there, and then soon realize they don't have a penny.

And another 15% of people read a sign that they can pay with the phone app, but still take out their card subconsciously...

None of these people (always over the age of 40) seem to be concerned that suddenly the money they were used to always having has now suddenly disappeared, they simply just ask about card payments or to use the banks app which its possible to pay with also. I guess from that moment on they start a life of being cashless, or slowly getting manipulated into being cashless even though they were used to the convenience of using cash. There's that C word again out to save you the hassle!

People are now used to paying bills online, doing the food shopping in some country's online to get a delivery is also normal, I used to do it also myself in the bank card days. What happens if the internet banking has gone down and you miss paying your bills which result in fines that lead you into a never ending circle of paying off fines?

You have this illusion that you can do anything with your money, but until something happens with the electric supply, a solar storm or something we cant even imagine happens (which by the way can also easily be staged by your government), we would never really see the problem of the bank having our money and not to mention also monitoring and storing data of everything we buy and where we buy it and how often ect.

Its just very foolish to have no control of your money, its like being a child again and your parents regulate your spending habits and then blackmail you on your future options of choices. Worst part is that when people cant use their card or something happens and they realize they are stranded, they will always say " Yeh, I know" after you say that they should have cash on them - but the very next day, do you think they changed their Socially Engineered habits?

People have been fed the fear..

... and everyone says the classic quick response - "Well someones got to look after my money" (just like that child again) being always under the illusion that if they were to keep their own money at home in a box, that suddenly they would be robbed. How many people do you know, that have actually been robbed at home? There will be some and many in certain country's but the truth is, its much much less than you believe.

Same with shops being told to stamp out cash because of robbery's - when you ask a shop how many times they have been robbed in the past, most say zero. Anyway once all the cash is gone then thieves will obviously just start stealing the products the shop is selling, so that will all have to go digital as well right? Bring on the Internet of Things...

I would guess without researching it, that there are much more credit card fraud and digital thefts than there are actual physical robbery's recorded.


Nilson Report estimates that in 2016, losses topped $24.71 billion. That represents a 12% increase over the previous year.

According to a report from Javelin Strategy, there's a new identity theft victim every two seconds, and many of the incidents involve credit cards.


I would guess without researching it, that there are much more credit card fraud and digital thefts than there are actual physical robbery's.

The only fraud here is...

Data collection.

Yep, that thing you might not be too familiar with yet? Its well worth to see how it all works and go see the videos people have put together before youtube will delete them or ban the user, or even worse and just ask for more extortion money to be able to have the video seen, but we wait just until blockchain is widely known and sites such as Steem's very own 3speak have won the censorship war.

Its not a new thing to collect data because its been happening already since a long time, but the difference now is that people who are/were doing these jobs have started to speak up about why they quit there and become a whistle blower to inform us all of the truth. The ex-manager of Facebook for example can be found on Ted Talks warning people of the truth.

When we are dependent on a piece of plastic and a machine that reads the microchip on it to be used as or only method of payment, this means that everything we buy, where and when, is stored on someones computer and they then own it.
After time its easy to notice peoples eating habits and shopping habits, what they spend the most on and where, and this information has a superpower. Imagine a future where you had no clue that your data was being fed back to you but this time it was being used to manipulate you, this is already Now not sometime in the Future!


Imagine for example that Coke Cola wants to show all their male customers adverts on the phone screen. A sexy woman drinking a can of coke, would be the marketing strategy for the guys to want to buy coke cola.
On the batches of data they have paid for from a company they would see either from search history's of a person or websites visited, the sexuality of the men. They can they instead of using the hot woman as and ad to make them by coke cola, use an advert designed for the female customers which uses some six packed man hunk instead of the sexy woman,for the homosexual men who searches for man love porn, and Gay dating sites.

Basically people today don't have a clue on how there own data can and will be used against them and happily don't give a flying fuck, but there are some like myself who do and always will and will try to get people to care.

You can start straight away to protect yourself in the crazy future by stopping to use supermarket club cards, because you are handing over your personal data of you and your family's diets, which in fact should be treated as medical records in my opinion. Imagine a future where identity theft is so extreme that someone has even your likes and dislikes, routines, spending habits and basically everything? What would you do then, say "..Yeh I know" and go jump off a bridge?!

You have everything to hide plus more data that hasn't happened yet.

Search engines should be called "I know what your thinking engines" because your searches are first your thoughts.

Hope you enjoyed the read, thankfully it was more for myself than for newsteem rewards..

Big Love and more abundance,