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For decades people are talking about what the future will look like. This was something that started in the 1950s and 1960s. Yet, in spite of all the progress technology made, our world looks a lot like it did in the past.

Sure, everyone is walking around with a phone staring at the screen. This is something that wasn't envisioned even in Star Trek. However, there are no flying cars, no Buck Rogers type environment, nor space age looking designs.

This could all be changing in the not too distant future.


Elon Musk and Tesla kicked off the excitement with the introduction of the CyberTruck last month. This certainly does qualify as futuristic looking. The reception was mixed with some loving the design and other abhorring it.

I believe this will be short-lived. By the time the vehicle enters production, I feel this type of design will grow on people.

Technology is also helping in the look.

One of the biggest innovations that is making progress in the automobile industry is 3D printing. This technology provides designers with greater flexibility. It also assists in the manufacturing process.


The Batman films always pushed the envelope of futuristic deign with the Batmobile. I recall how cool the version was in the the Michael Keaton movies back in the late 1980s. It was a radically different design from what was in the original series during the 1960s.

Germany's BigRep unveiled a 3D printed car that is getting a bit of attention. These "podcars" has a drastically different look than traditionally manufactured automobiles.

Not to be outdone, Toyota is going to develop a 175 acres to create a prototype for the "city of the future".

This project is going to allow Toyota to test is autonomous vehicle technology along showcase its endeavor into hydrogen.

While it is not uncommon for vehicle manufacturers to clear large lots of land to create areas for testing, this is coming with a unique twist. It is going to be a working city with roughly 2,000 residents.

Development is slated to start in 2021.

Of course, we could refer to the idea of flying cars which many claim will be around by 2025. This is something that most have been waiting for from the Jetsons.

Nevertheless, advancements in material sciences and 3D printing is going to cause a radical change in the design of our world. We can see the futuristic look starting to unfold. In a few years, these designs won't seem so outrageous.

Another interesting point is that some of them are starting to enter the production phase. These are not models for demonstration purposes.

Companies that are ahead of the curve are going to be the ones that excel in the future. Consumer tastes change over time and the more we head into the future, the more likely it is these designs are in line with what people are willing to purchase.

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