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Gaming industry is striving, with more and more games developed each year, and number of users increasing, it is a challenging, but highly profitable market niche. Introduction of block-chain and crypto currencies could disrupt the industry and provide better options for gamers, whom they can use to secure their in-game holdings on a block-chain, and those are real ownership of the player, not just in-game holding that can be cancelled by developer.

Real world simulation games are popular choices for gamers, from the introduction of Sims and all versions that followed. Sims was popular due to possibility to develop your character in line with your expectations, but downside was that it was just a game character, or in-game ownership. Decentraland made progress in that field, to provide block-chain gaming solution, that has land plots and economy, and this opened whole new era for real life simulation gaming industry. There are several games currently that are popular in this field, like MegaCryptoPolis 3D and Worldopo, from which later will be reviewed in this blog.

Worldopo is using augmented reality to provide gamers to see their own gameplay, in a real world environment, by using their own dedicated artificial intelligence mechanism to locate augmented reality objects in game, and provide seemingly good solution on mobile phones as well. Main advantages are that game is played in real world and real time, as well as provision of risk free introduction to crypto industry, which can be good start for new adopters, and speed up mass adoption of crypto currencies and block-chain, by global population, which is still in early adoption phase.

Crypto gaming is based on a fact that you can sell in-game assets for real value, in case of Worldopo that is WPT token, which is a real currency generated during the game, and based on a Ethereum block-chain. Worldopo game process for gamer is starting with a rent of HEX, which is a hexagon space, on which one can build a premise. These can be rented by Crypto lords, which are players that already own HEX spaces in the game. Following is to buy a house, and houses are providing players with manpower. Resources are minted with factories, and one can buy a factory as a next step, to produce resources, that are collected with augmented reality and drones. For crypto lord process is similar, but to become crypto lord, one has to buy a HEX, that he can rent later to other gamers. On a HEX; he can build a house, for which one need real world internet point and power station, to use it as a farm, or node, that can be used for mining crypto currency, which is WPT in Worldopo. Mined amount will be influenced by hash-rate and life quality.

Real world simulation gaming is still in popular phase and this a rather new approach to have combination of real world and in-game playing, that could introduce different gaming prospects to the industry.

This interesting game is provided by Qubit AG, based in Liechtenstein, and their contacts are as following:


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