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Image created by LadyWhaleCoin

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Welcome to the Slash game, an Elitecurrency Discord game by Elitecoin 1337 where we play hard!

This game was developed by BadBrain and born through a chat app called Discord on August 30, 2017 with IronSniper1, and with help from Flapmin and KingUltra and a lot of help from the Elite community.

The game itself was privately funded by BadBrain and LadyWhaleCoin in the beginning - but has since then become self-sustaining and all the Elite funds collected from the players goes right back to the community through winning rewards and folding.

The plan is to tie the two together to help boost activity towards a good cause.

Image created by LadyWhaleCoin

The game is based on slaying monsters with a variety of means after initially starting with a sword, and through the twists and turns of random action can amount to treasure chests, snakes, Medusa, Zeus, Dragons, and a host of miscellaneous random events and items. Everyone works to defeat the monster and level up and become stronger to protect the Royal Elite Kingdom.

The game is constantly evolving, but the focus remains the same – to slay monsters and protect the Elite Kingdom!

When you first join Elite Gamers, on its discord server it can feel daunting. I mean, what other Discord server is so quiet in #general-chat, but so lively in another room?! That’s what it’s like in Elite Gamers. The Slash game is where everything random happens in the #random-events channel.

But be forwarned, this game can become extremely addicting, do not allow yourself to get to the point that you do nothing else and do not  jeopardize your health.

How to begin – general play

Click the “crossed_swords” icon under the monster.

This will give you some "gifts" and the “slayer” role which will help you know when events are happening.

Once you are a slayer, you are also able to take advantage of the free living crystal privilege (until you reach level 51.) Use the "!heal" command to obtain a free living crystal every four hours. (Read more about living crystals below.)

Continue to click on the “crossed_swords” icon in the battle until the monster is killed or it runs away. You get one chance per round, did you miss? Hang around! There are often event such as the Mystery Shop, Fairy Shop, or Dragon Cave.

Try not to be hitting last in the rounds because the monsters characteristically go after the one who hits last. When you die (we all die quite regularly in this game), type the rez command to come back to life for 150 Elite. Don’t have 150 Elite? Try anyway. Usually someone will help you out with a !tip to help you get started. It’s one of the reasons why the Elite community is so awesome!

That’s basic game play…

Personal stats and information

Here are several useful personal checks for statistics, please check these in Tipbot only, simply type:

level = what level you are, how many chests you have, for attack and defense stats and if you have a living crystal.

tr = for current last 20 transactions.

b = balance of your Tipbot account that your Elite coin is stored in

a = address of your Tipbot account, used for transfer in of Elite coin from external sources and for transfer from your Elite 1337 wallet to Tipbot.

items = the assets that you have: Snakes, Cobras, Medusa, Zeus, Dragons, and Gems.



Dad taking junior out for a walk to the battle

There are several kinds of monsters that get summoned during the course of a typical day.
Most monsters give us 21 rounds in which to slay it.
In all cases, you can click once per even-odd set of pictures.

!empress is a large monster called by the Royal Elite. It takes a lot of cooperation and coordination to take one down. This one is typically 2.1m hit points.

The !minions monster (summoned by any Slayer every four hours) runs from 50k to 750k hit points.

The !monster monster (summoned by any Slayer every two hours only on Friday-Sunday) runs from 50k to 1.1mil hit points.

The infamous chest monster is found in random chests, and usually attacks the person who opens the chest first.

If you click too often, the game will tell you “can’t request twice.” This occurs when going from an even to odd round. It’s okay, just hang back and wait until the next round. We all get that message multiple times per day, if not several times each battle.

Battle Rewards and shopping

There are three kinds of reward events. The mystery shop, the fairy shop, and the dragon cave and happen at random, and are also called by Royal Elites.

Each event will be displayed for 5 minutes and you only get one click, so make sure of what you are clicking on as you will not get a second click. Each item below is only showing and describing what is necessary at the very beginning, as you will learn of the rest as you play.


The mystery shop is spawned every two hours or called by a Royal Elite.
Items purchased at the mystery shop include: chests and living crystals and much more including dragons.

The fairy shop is spawned after a larger monster is defeated and is called by a Royal Elite every four hours.
The fairy shop is where you can sell (for Elite) your gems (acquired in the cave or awarded after a battle) or your golden dragon egg if it cannot hatch, or looks doomed to die. You can also purchase supercrystals, mystic fire and more.


The cave can be called by a Royal Elite every four hours.

Just click on the pickax icon. Your chance of success is determined by your level.

Not getting much? Do not get discouraged because it will get better as you level up.

Levels 1-30 get only a 10% chance at finding a gem each time you click.
Levels 31-50 get a 30% chance at finding a gem and 0% chance of finding a bag of gems.
Levels 51 and above get 50% chance at finding a gem plus 10% chance at finding a bag of gems.

Slayers who are lucky enough to possess a golden dragon benefit with an extra 10% chance of finding gems and bags of gems.



Chests can be purchased for 350 Elite, and
can give a metaphorph of attack/defense x 2
or a snake and that cuts your attack/defense in 1/2
or a prize of 1000 Elite
OR you could get lucky and get a 10k jackpot!


An exploding crystal

There are two types of crystals.

One is a living crystal, and is the most important in the beginning. It will save you a certain percentage of the time so that you are not having to "rez" too often. But, they do randomly explode when they save you, and it will give you 1,000 xp and the monster loses 10,000 hit points . Then you simply type "!heal" to get a new crystal. That is available for levels 11 through 50 every four hours. It also helps you in battle by adding another 500 hit power attack in addition to what else you have attacking. If yours explodes and you don't want to wait for the 4 hours to expire, you can purchase one in the Mystery Shop for 1337 Elite.


The second one is a supercrystal, which costs 5,000 Elite. You can have up to five of these and they give a greater attack.

When the chance comes up that one of the red dragons ignites the monster, you can throw your crystal at the monster for an extra 4,000 xp and the monster loses 40,000 hitting points and the hit can go as high as 240k… possibly higher if the crystal goes past lvl 6.)

Slayer Companions

There are a number of creatures that can be purchased or found/earned as you participate in the various events.


Snakes are obtained from chests and cannot be bought separately. When the chest is opened, You might find a chest monster, they eat your chest and now you must defeat it. The snake will bite you and if you do not have anti-venom (available at the fairy shop), your attack/defense stats are cut in half and you may die. If you died, you will find out when you try to open the next chest and it tells you that you cannot open a chest when you are dead. It will also tell you that you have no chests because you cannot see them while you are dead. Type rez and try again in 5 seconds.


The nice thing about snakes is that they begin to fight monsters with you. When you collect five snakes, they hatch into a cobra.


Cobras hatch when five snakes have been collected. It fights with you using venom as one of its attacks. When you collect two Cobras they hatch into a Medusa.


Medusa hatch when two cobras are collected. They remain fairly quiet until their number comes up. Then, they deliver a quick 500k hit instant-kill. They can attack 3 times per day. When five medusa have been collected, they hatch into a Zeus.


Zeus hatch when five Medusa have been collected. They also have a 500k hit point instant-kill and can attack 7 times per day. They are a bit quicker to attack than the Medusa is again all random.

Dragon Companions

At present, there are five different dragons to collect on Elite Gamers. Some are for purchase, others must be won.


Golden dragon cannot be purchased. It is hatched from an egg that is rarely found at the end of battle. This dragon has a number of abilities. It can “turn the monster to gold” to allow up to 300 x Elite to fall during battle. It also increases the likelihood of finding gems in the cave and finding treasure or a golden egg at the end of battle.


Dragon pet can be purchased from the mystery shop for a cool 1 million Elite. It can also be hatched from an egg if you are very lucky to find one when you kill a monster. The dragon pet fights with you, but it also protects you from death and gives you extra lives, up to three times (each) daily.


Black dragon can be purchased from the mystery shop for 1.5 million Elite. Its main power is a 1 million hit point instant-kill which it can use 3 times daily. They are the most powerful of the dragons.


Red dragon can be purchased from the fairy shop for 1.5 million Elite. Its coolest power is that it can ignite the monster making crystal explosions more damaging and giving more experience points to the person who throws the crystal.
But it also randomly fights with "dragon breath" for extra hit power.


White dragon can be purchased from the mystery shop for 1.5 million Elite. It can blind and slow the monster several times a day, making it miss players when it tries to attack.


Eggs are found at the end of battle. Golden eggs are much more common than the others, though still considered rare. When you receive an egg, it has some number of attempts (90: fate number) to hatch with a roll of (luck number) or higher every 2 hours. If it does not hatch within that number of attempts, it dies and disappears. Golden eggs can be sold to the fairy before it dies or if you already have a golden dragon. Mystic fire may be purchased from the fairy shop to increase your chance (to 10%) of your egg hatching. Mystic fire costs 25k Elite for one attempt on all eggs you currently possess.

All dragons have a limit of one dragon per player.

Miscellaneous random events




Misc. random events happen every two hours on average, there will be the single player disaster, or feeding the princess macaroons, or guessing the urges of the princess and what she is in the mood for, or more.

Game Behavior

Please take the time to read the Rules. (below) It will save everyone headaches.

The game is rated PG
We have players from over 160 countries
Ages: 13 to 70
Don’t beg for monsters, rewards, coins, or anything.
Learn how not to get booted/muted or otherwise annoy anyone else, use common sense, and treat everyone like you'd want them to treat you.
Foul language, hate speech, bullying or any offensive behavior will absolutely not be tolerated, and this is not age governed, so there are young people on here: show some respect.

Folding – at – home

Folding – at – Home is created by scientists at Stanford University, [email protected] ([email protected]) is a record-breaking distributed-computing program that networks your unused computer resources to create one of the most powerful super-computers in the world. It then directs that energy towards folding amino acids to understand some of the most devastating diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, and Huntington’s in more intimate detail, enabling researches to fight them more effectively. [email protected] is a global effort, with individuals just like you joining hands to make difference. You really can be “one in a million!”

If you are running low on Elite coin this is an excellent project that just uses some of your reserve computer CPU or GPU capacity.

Please note that at present folding is not available for mobile use.


Elitecraft is our own Minecraft server where you can play the game with other Elite Gamers. There are quests that can be done for Elite or you can become one of the builders of the landscape. Hours of fun to be had using your own Minecraft account to connect to Elitecraft.
You can view the Elitcraft video here:


Aircoins is a modern day treasure hunt. Find and collect crypto coins in Augmented Reality … We believe Aircoins is the best way to introduce and unlock the AR world to everyone … Aircoins is the first app of its kind. Elitecoin proud to be partners. https://aircoins.io


Follow @EliteCurrency on Twitter: https://twitter.com/elitecurrency


Trade Satoshi will be closing up the exchange on March 1, 2020





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