1-28-2020 Splinterlands Daily Quest: 5 Wins Using Life Deck

in gaming •  4 months ago 


8 games played and 5 wins. One of the games, I feel like I got robbed of a win but I can't complain with this type of win rate. Plus I finally got another gold foil card from the rewards.


My Sea Monster card is currently level 6. So with this card, I only need 3 more cards to get it to level 7. Although, I do need to level up my summoner to even use the level 6 version of the card. lol

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Nice winrate. I'm quite a bit lower divison (just starting) but went on a hot streak today also

Maybe I'll run into you sometime in a season or two! GG's mate

Nice run, After you learn how to play all the rule sets. You can easily push up to gold. Can't wait to see you reach it.