ZukoWick's Steem Gaming Series - Week 5

10 months ago
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I can't believe its been 5 weeks of playing games on the steem blockchain already. This past week has been pretty interesting if you followed me. I bought $300 (subtract fees of course) worth of bitcoin and converted it to steem.

With the steem I bought a lot of gold foil cards in splinterlands and powered up my steem account with the remaining steem I had leftover. You can check out my gold foil shopping spree if you want to know what I bought. Also, since I used some steem to powered up my account. I have reached the first goal of the series which was have over 50 steem power.

Another good news I won a giveaway by @robinsonr810 and I received the crystal werewolf card in splinterlands. I also won 500 UFM in a battleship game ran by @rentmoney. So this week has been good to me. Now onto the games I played; @roadofrich, @drugwars, and @splinterlands.

Road of Rich

Link to play: Road of Rich

Last post I talked about the spreadsheet detailing what resources I need to get for all my fighters. Well I made some progress as well as earned more ROR. This week coming up, I should have all of the workers wearing rings but only the basic ring. One thing I have been thinking about, Is it smart to go after gold and equipment first or should I be leveling up my fighters first. I'm not really sure which is smarter but I feel you can't go wrong with money and gear before leveling.

Currently sitting on 15,000 gold in the bank, 59 ROR, and all of my fighters have full equipment not counting the rings. Once I have rings for all of the then I will completely focus on leveling for a bit until I am ready to collect all the resources for the best gear in the game.


Link to play: Drugwars

This past week there was an update that changed the game for the better. I pretty much stop attacking other players for now. I do all the jobs and spend all my resources upgrading my bases. I haven't sold the DWD that I earned because of the low price at the moment. So I am just building it up in my steem engine account. Currently have 80 due to me focused more on splinterlands.


Link to play: Splinterlands

Thanks to my guild leader, I reached gold 3 using his cards. I earned 137.886 more DEC this week over last week even though. I was trying my best not to play to many matches as I want my capture rate back to 100% before the next season starts. I told him to get his cards and help another member since I bought all those gold foil cards.

This week's DEC: 1,582.491
Last week's DEC: 1,444.605‬

I reached gold 2 using my cards and I will finish the season in this league. As I am writing this my current capture rate is 69%. It was 11% on Tuesday due to me pushing hard for a higher rank. Next season I have 2 goals I will be aiming for; gold 1 rank and earn over 1,500 DEC daily. My plan is to buy a quest potion everyday and save the rest of the DEC for cards I want to buy. Of course deposit some into the guild and withdraw some to slowly gain an ROI.

Reward Cards This Week

Day EarnedCardsQuest Potion
SundayCreeping Ooze, Goblin Mech, Highland Archer, Prismatic EnergyNo
MondayCreeping Ooze, Highland Archer, Silvershield Archers, Battle OrcaNo
TuesdayBoogeyman, Silvershield Archers, Highland Archer, Creeping OozeNo
WednesdaySkeletal Warrior, Creeping Ooze, Vampire, ManticoreNo
ThursdayBoogeyman, Goblin Mech, Highland Archer (2)No
FridayCreeping Ooze (2), Javelin Thrower, Rusty Android (2), Vampire, Goblin Mech (2), Battle Orca (3)Yes
SaturdaySilvershield Archers, Creeping Ooze, Undead Minoraur (3), Sea Genie, Goblin MechNo

Gold Foil Decks

The cards I will be playing with next season trying to reach gold 1.

Fire Deck
Water Deck
Earth Deck
Life Deck
Death Deck
Dragon/Neutral Cards

Crypto Income

Here are the stats of the crypto I earned from playing steem games this week (Dec. 8th-14th 2019).

DayDEC EarnedDWD EarnedROR Earned

Final Thoughts

This week was totally focused on Splinterlands. This week coming up will be more of the same. The only difference is the plan I have for splinterlands. Here is my plan for tomorrow. Complete the quest before the season ends.

Plans For This Week

  • Earn 1,500+ DEC daily
  • Buy 1 quest potion daily
  • Deposit 2% (current guild bonus) of my DEC earnings to the guild daily
  • Withdraw 20% of my DEC earnings daily

What do you think of my plan for this week coming up?