ZukoWick's Steem Gaming Series - Week 6

9 months ago
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6 weeks of wonderful gaming. This week I had some things to do so I didn't get to play as much as I would have like to but I got some stuff done in the games. I started playing another blockchain game a couple of days ago. However, its not on the steem blockchain so I won't be adding it to this series. I need to come up with another name for a new gaming series. Let me know in the comments what I should name that series.

Now onto the steem gaming series. I currently play @splinterlands, @drugwars, and @roadtorich. As always, the sections of the post goes as follows: road to rich, drug wars, splinterlands, crypto income, and final thoughts.

Road To Rich

I didn't get to play much but the times I did check the game. I made pretty good progress. Last week I said I was going to focus on getting all my fighters 2 rings. Currently, I only need rings on 2 or 3 fighters. So that goal is almost completed. This week coming I will work on the same goal. Also, I am setting a new goal to save 25,000 gold. I have 16,000 gold in the bank so it shouldn't take much to reach this goal.

Drug Wars

Honestly, I am a little bored with this game. I just login to do a few jobs, upgrade stuff, and deposit resources into the gang buildings. From time to time train more troops when I need them. I was so excited about this game but it went away pretty quickly. I will keep doing the same tasks until something in the game brings back the excitement.


I had a lot of time to play splinterlands on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and today. One problem with having time to play the game in the first 3 days of the new season. Well its the new season lol. So many high level players battling it out in the low ranks trying to make it out fast. I didn't make it out fast lol.

Around Wednesday or Thursday, I used some of the time I would play the game to fully detail my spreadsheet. From that point on the only thing I was missing is lots of data of winning line ups. So I took the time to add a new lineup to my spreadsheet each time I won a match. This included the rule set(s), mana cap, summoner, and cards in order.

Not surprisingly, I went from a 50.1% winrate to a 55.6% winrate after filling out my spreadsheet. The only time I lost matches was coming up with new lineups to use to put into the spreadsheet when I didn't have a lineup to match the rule set and mana cap. Its been a nice challenge to go through.

Since I had a lot of time today, I really filled out the spreadsheet. I went from silver 2 to gold 3, so this method of doing my battles is working for me. The only thing left to do is keep adding more data and level up my cards. Now onto reward cards and pack openings.

Reward Cards This Week

Day EarnedCardsQuest Potion
SundayGoblin Mech, Vampire (2), Wood Nymph, Creeping Ooze (3)... Season rewards: Sea Genie, Octopider (3), Serpentine Mystic, Undead Minotaur, Wood Nymph (4), Battle Orca (3), Sea Monster, Javelin Thrower, Rusty Android, Highland Archer (2), Exploding Dwarf (3), Creeping Ooze, Manticore, Baby Unicorn, Naga WindmasterNo
MondayFallen Specter (Legendary), Sea Monster (3), Exploding Dwarf (2), Undead Minotaur, Silvershield ArchersYes
TuesdaySilvershield Archers, Ettin Spearman, Ruler of the Seas, Creeping Ooze, Undead Minotaur, Silvershield Assassin, Sea Monster (2)Yes
WednesdayWood Nymph, Germlin Blaster, Creeping OozeNo
ThursdayGoblin Mech, Silvershield Assassin, Baby UnicornNo
FridayCreeping Ooze (2), Screeching Vulture, Brownie (2), Silvershield Archers, Goblin Mech (2), Baby UnicornYes
SaturdaySilvershield Archers, Sea Monster, Gelatinous Cube, Undead Minotaur, Goblin Mech (2), Wood Nymph, Beetle Queen, Exploding Dwarf, Imp Bowman (2)Yes

Pack Openings This Week

Tuesday I placed in 2 tournaments and won a total of 2,000 DEC. I used it to buy 1 pack. Today, I did the new earn on coinbase (Click here to do it) and converted the new crypto to btc and bought steem with it. I bought 5 packs and powered up my steemit account with the rest.

  • Failed Summoner
  • Magma Troll (2)
  • Mantoid (2)
  • Horny Toad (2)
  • Unicorn Mustang
  • Maggots
  • Sniping Narwhal (2)
  • Shieldbearer
  • Cursed Slimeball
  • Herbalist (2)
  • Tortisian Chief
  • Goblin Fireballer
  • Kobold Bruiser (3)
  • Biceratops
  • Living Lava
  • Tower Griffin
  • Elven Defender
  • Tortisian Fighter
  • Parasitic Growth
  • Albatross
  • Khmer Princess
  • Serpentine Spy
  • Bone Golem

Crypto Income

Here are the stats of the crypto I earned from playing steem games this week (Dec. 15th-21st 2019). This week was much better in DEC but slacked off in DWD and ROR.

DayDEC EarnedDWD EarnedROR Earned

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on this week of gaming. I failed my goal of 1,500 DEC daily and buying a quest daily potion everyday. I totally didn't think about the new season when I set the goal for myself. So maybe this coming week I can reach the goal since I am in gold 3 at the moment. Also, to get into playing more I am thinking about making more youtube videos since the last one I did reviewing my tournament was a ton of fun and help me understand what I did right and wrong in my card positioning.

Comment below if you think earning 1,500 DEC daily in gold 3 is doable or not.