It's Another Glorious Lockdown Day For Me Because I Was Able To Sleep Good

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I am now under the influence of Gabapentin, my body is relaxed although I can feel some pain on my back whenever I would sit.

I am also trying to eat while sitting up and it proves to be so difficult because my front incisors would strike the food and unto the raise gums on my front jaw and it hurts.

All I wanted is for that raised gum to be taken off by surgery but for the moment it will not happen because I have no money for it. I just pray that it will not get any bigger which is why I am religiously taking my parathyroid medicine plus controlling my phosphorus intake with my "Renvela" tablet with every meal.

I also wanted my Parathyroid to get removed so that my bones will begin to absorb calcium more than it leaches out because of the hyperparathyoidism condition that I have.

I just hope that BTC would perform better this year and it would get to a price that will make me consider to go to the specific doctor that would help me with my current debilitating condition. I am just willing to risk my life because I have nothing to lose anyway but to gain will be a marvelous thing for me which excites me.

Anyway I was able to sleep better today, I might take this opportunity to sleep this afternoon even though my room is like an oven, it only has one window with screen and two feet of the window was a wall so no fresh air is coming in. I am just using an electric fan 24/7 so that it could push the stale and warm air out from my room.

I like it anyway because I am able to sweat and get rid of extra salt and other toxins from my skin through perspiration. So I am taking advantage of that with my liberal but controlled fluid consumption.

The lockdown by the government was extended, I just hope that my online Vitamin C purchase will get delivered soon because me and my parents needed it very much. It raises our resistance against the cold and flu and possibly from this Corona virus.

But I like the lockdown because it controls the spread of the virus but we could not afford to extend it even further otherwise there will be unrest from some people when they begin to starve plus the government will not have the spare money for feeding and treating the CoViD patients, supporting the medical frontliners, etc.

So there is a big dilemma and I am just praying that a vaccine or a cure for the Corona virus would be created the soonestr possible time even though know that there is a possibility that they will not be able to because it is a virus. Let us all turn to God and pray.

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I pray you get better health and get well soon.

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Praying for you to get that vitamin c. You need that for your immune system