How to "flip the switch" on your crypto-assets business for good with a Free Pumpcoin Giveaway inside.

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Quavo & Drake - Flip the switch.

Them boys bang out.

However, in this article we won't be talking about rap, instead we'll be covering how you can flip your crypto-assets business from unprofitable, or barely profitable to...well, $10k+/month.

The other day I posted some (remarkably funny) content:

Smashing limiting beliefs like fucking whack a moles out here


That's the flip of the switch that I speak of...that's when the fun begins. The first step is simply to UNFUCK your mindset.

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Back when I first got into the make crypto-assets blockchain space, even making $1000 was insane. But, $10k/month? Nah that's not even do-able.

3 months in...and its accomplished.

Without the blink of an eye, just taking off and making power moves heavy all damn day.

I flipped the switch.

The flip happens in the mind first though. Its not a physical change...rather a series of mindset unfucking's and then boom.

Limiting beliefs smashed like some mf whackamoles.

Because these limiting beliefs are really what slow you down big time when you're trying to make serious power plays online. The belief that its not possible to do something and that its "hard" to do certain things.

These are engrained in our mind since birth somehow, some way.

Whether the thoughts came from our parents, our peers, or significant other...somewhere along the way we picked up these beliefs...


Anywho, enough about limiting beliefs.

Just smash 'em.

You might have never thought it'd be possible to work with me to build your own online business...

...And today I smash that belief for you with this statement:

Creating a crypto-assets business has done so much for me...

  1. traveled all around the states

  2. moved outta moms

  3. learned new skills and grown as a a man

  4. never worry about $$$

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Interested in starting a crypto-assets business? Shoot me a comment.

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Instead of shooting me a comment, click the link below, I will be giving 250 pumpcoins from me and my team for anyone who creates an account using the link below and lets see if you'd be a good fit to absolutely wreck havoc on the crypto-assets game for the rest of 2020.

(Real hustlers only)

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  2. Resteeming this article - 100 pumpcoins

  3. Mentioning 5 friends on my comment section to participate in this activity - 150 pumpcoins

How will I be sure that you will pay me?

I have 15M+ pumpcoins and I am kind enough to pay you to help build my network and I will also be open to build with you. Am after networking and not scamming folks on this precious blockchain.
Here's your proof:


This giveaway is ending in 18/02/2020

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