Tips for quick relief from gas

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Sometimes gas can affect us in many ways. It can bother us in the form of stomach ache, congestion feeling near the throat or even chest area which scares most people or in the form of headache, a weird feeling in the head or as farts or burps.

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The first thing is to think about what you ate or if you skipped a meal. Those who are not used to fasting can get gas too because of an empty stomach.

If you feel that what you ate might have given you the problem, just make sure to skip it the next time or eat in moderate quantity.

Foods that commonly cause gas are:

  • apples
  • broccoli
  • cabbage
  • beans
  • raisins
  • prunes
  • lentils
  • fruit juices

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Chewing gum, smoking, swallowing food without chewing properly, drinking sodas are some of the other causes of gas.

Quick tips to get relief

  • chew on a clove
  • if you have cumin seeds, dry fry it in a heated wok, add water and let it boil for a few minutes. Strain it and drink the water after cooling it a bit. You can sweeten it otherwise it will be hard to swallow as such
  • Ayurved meds like Dashamoolarishtam or Vilwadi lehyam is best and gives immediate relief
  • if you have none of the above, just drink a glass of moderately hot water which will help remove the congestion
  • chewing holy basil leaves is also good
  • another time tested method is drinking buttermilk mixed with a pinch of asafoetida or chewing carom seeds(ajwain)

Remember not to sit and instead try to walk. Also doing the yoga asanas is good to dispel gas besides the yoga mudras which you can practice if you are interested in learning or are a practitioner.
Exercising regularly is good. Walking too.

If you have a tendency to get gas often, make sure to eat food at regular intervals but reduce the amount of food intake.

Remember to eat on time and before eight at night.


Disclaimer - The views above are personal and should not be treated as official.

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I usually chew cloves or ginger.

Ginger is great. Thanks

WOW! An apple that came all the way from New Zealand to southern India! I'm a big fan of peppermint tea for stomach complaints, or ginger. I can't eat garlic anymore without getting a really bad upset tummy! It's great to find out about Indian medicines.

Mint leaves are good and so is ginger. Dried ginger is great.

thanks for the wonderful advice, I find fennel tea and exercise work well for me xx

That's great

I love to smell cloves, and we used to take apples and stick cloves into them, as many as we could making them(the apples) look like round spikey pincushions.
That smelled great (I think I might do that, just for the hell of it)
I had no idea they could be used medicinally @sayee, thanks.

Welcome dear and cloves are the best for tooth ache too.

Now THAT one, I've heard of. I've even had Dentists pack little strips of cloth impregnated with cloves into the socket after an extraction to prevent dry socket, which is very painful.
Thanks @sayee

welcome dear. Our planet is full of good things for sure