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I am taking a slightly different approach this week.

It is Thanksgiving Week in the states, a time to be with family and stuff ourselves with a lot of food and drink. Due to some different circumstances, I am not going to be with family this year during the holiday. Me finds myself on my own.

For this reason, I decided to embark upon what I call a personal Hell Week. This is where I jump start my system by going a bit radical at least by my standards. It is not anything like what the Marines go through but it is tough enough for me.


It all starts with a juice fast. I will probably go 17-21 days doing that. My usual "cocktail" includes beets, cucumber, carrots, apples, and celery. I do this concoction three times a day.

Thus, for the next few week, there will be no solid food for me.

I also am going to hit it double time at the gym. We all know how routine can get us and the "going through the motions" affects us all. It is no unusual to plateau regularly when working out.

Without eating, I need to do something to take my mind off food. The gym is a good place to start on that.

I also engage upon a routine of cold showers. I guess, since I am alone, you could say this serves dual benefits. Do a web search on the benefits of cold showers. While there is some controversy, the bottom line is that it is a great motivation technique. How many times does our mind tell the body to go and we just end up sitting there? The key to much success in life is to be able to act when we make up our minds.

This is a great aid in helping with that second guessing.

There is also the raw garlic routine. I like to mix in a few cloves, cut up and mashed. It is a great antibiotic and helps with the system cleanse.

Of course, there is green tea and lots of lemon water. Here again, we see a wonderful way to cleanse the body. Many toxins get eliminated as far is burnt which can cause flu-like symptoms. One of the reasons I am going to stretch the fast past a week is because the first 3 days are total hell. Getting past those 72 hours means that I should at least push further to get more benefits.

So why am I doing this? What is the point?

Fasting, I found, has a lot of benefits. One of the things it does, for me at least, is provide a great deal of clarity. Over the years, I had more than a few breakthroughs while on fasts. Some might dispute the benefits of it and that is fine. Personally, I saw tremendous results when undertaking this.

Also, it helps a great deal with fear. We like to engage in conversations with ourselves and my mind tends to want to talk me out of stuff. It is the safety net that it always seeks. The mind, for whatever reason, prefers the status quo. I guess it is the known is better than the unknown.

Either way, that is no way to go through life. As we discuss often, the establishment likes to use fear as a method of control. The way to combat this lies in between our ears. If we can control what we focus upon, their techniques do not work.

Right now, we see a lot of uncertainty taking place. Crypto is getting blasted. Debt levels globally are going through the roof. Income inequality is only spreading. Stock earnings are in a recession. Many are touting the idea that the markets are close to collapse (which they might be, who can say).

Thus, it is sometimes best to step back and get oneself centered. Pushing through to the next level is often not easy. We find complacency is something that sets in without us even thinking about it.

We are rapidly approaching a world where abundance is at hand. For the most part, we are already there. It is not distributed across the board, of course, but it is there. We are going to see more with each passing year.

The question is are we going to reach out and grab it? Do we have the internal fortitude to stand in? The path upward is not always smooth nor easy. Many find the pitfalls can set us back.

I see a great deal of fear taking place, especially in the world of crypto. It is difficult to weather a storm like this. However, success is often found on the other side of the hurricane. Every bear ends with a bull, at some point. It is just a matter of waiting around for it.

In the meantime, I am going to clear out my head and my body. This will be the fourth time in the last 12 years that I did this. Each time saw better results in my life.

And so it starts.

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“Why am I doing this?”

We all know the real reason .... you are getting ready for the second dudeoir competition. Don’t try to deny it. 😁

LOL. You caught me. Got to tone the buns to look good in the thong.

I think with some work, I could hit the top 10. 😊

Personal improvement has always been a favourite interest of mine; although more as a spectator than a competitor. Good luck, mate.

I can sense a few different emotions going on for you. I just want to wish you all the best on switching up your daily habits for a while. Hopefully you'll feel more nourished, clearer and centered after all that. Fall is definately a good time to let go of toxins ❤👍

Good for you! Sounds like you planned it out and as eating is such a social ritual it will be good you’re without family. Good luck and tell us when you get extra grumpy or extra ‘clear’ :-)

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Wow, that pretty intense, you must keep us posted on your progress. Good luck on your journey over the next several weeks and if you reach your goals..well you won't have to get a membership at Plant Fitness on Jan 1st like many will do.

I will. The next few days are going to be tough but I am determined to push through. Sometimes bullheadness can be helpful.

Thank you @soyrosa.

Yes the grumpy can come on. The gym helps with that usually.

Don't be surprised if STEEM moon during your effort.

Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy finances.

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Aha, then, it's guerrilla time!!

Now gotta bombard you with exuberant sweet delicacies all week long.

Cheers!! }:)

He's alright now. Try this again in 3 days ;)

"War warned in advance from the bush, hopefully won't kill the soldier later" };)

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