Listen up, steemizens!

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Today is the last day that our posts and votes payout under the hf20 rules.

From this point forward we are voting and posting with rules that are gonna change next week.

When the hardfork hits, all the math on old posts will change to the new math.

That means that if authors are really gonna take a hit then those that profit from our loss will get a full week's pay before the flagging starts to even things out.

Thank you, witnesses!

Couldn't we start with a proactive change to the math, all posts and votes changing as they occur after the fork?

What is gonna happen now is that a full week of bogus data is going to enrich the already rich.

How convenient.

All hail, stinc!


So, if you don't want to lose 40% of your author rewards, you need to start flagging the crap out of the trending page.
It won't look like you are helping, but every sp counts when it takes away from abusive spammers dumping on the exchanges.

After the fork, we will likely have this illustrated to us in no uncertain terms.


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Excellent post! I am hesitant to engage in any more downvoting though, personally, because I don't want to be totally wiped out by serial downvoters who provide nothing else to the platform but downvotes...(and are probably paid by Soris-type operations to come here with fat wallets just to do so.)

That is actually kinda rare.
@steemflagrewards has been doing this for while and hasn't had much drama.
The more people that flag the less likely they can flag you back.

If you like, you can delegate to sfr, or freezepeach.
@freezepeach upvotes wrongly flagged people.

hasn't had much drama.

Well maybe not from flagging but of course we have clashing egos on discord every now and again... 😛

Good suggestions. I had upped my delegation to FP recently. Good people

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Even that has been pretty quiet, most abusers know the game.

Everyone keeps saying the best wait til will be at one minute now for votes?

5 minutes.

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Same shit, different day, nothing changes on here does it?

Not really, not yet, anyways.
It will still be what it is.
Rich people getting 'richer'.

I just downvoted 3 people on trending, in each case their rewards went up 20 cents, weird shit bro.

Lol, it ain't because of the price mooning, that is for sure.

Nope, but weird all the same, maybe time to get a really provocative article out, for people to downvote, so it gets a shit load of money lol, wait, I already insult 99% of my audience, I must try harder.

I'd say you need to try harder, that list is puny.
@andrarchy and a top ten witness mute me.

Lol, now that you've rung their bell, I'd guess we might find out how touchy they are.

That was the idea :-)

Yep...I've had my upvotes take AWAY earnings from fellow conservatives here FOR MONTHS already.

I am only surprised people still post on here!...........................