Opening 2700 Untamed Packs with Yields

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I'm back after being out of touch during the Turkey holiday. And lo and behold, Untamed packs are ready to open!

So I claimed my codes, bought some extra potions, and got to opening. Opening 2700 packs takes a while, but it's fun to watch!

For the numbers, I bought the 5k USD kickstarter package. I also spent another 500k DEC on potions. With today's prices, that's about 5400 USD. You can argue that some of the 5k USD should be apportioned to physical goods, the title, and the legendary summoner that I get to design, but... let's be real - most of the value is in the packs.

So net, net, 5400 USD spent and about 4200 USD in card equity gained. Not a slam dunk, but pretty good considering the card dumping that is/will be going on. Are the other parts of the kickstarter package worth 1200 USD? Maybe!

How did your pack openings go?

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Extremely cool content, the flipping sound is addictive too!

That was so fun to watch Neal! So many packs my eyes can't keep up! lol I opened mine soon as it came out and unfortunately didnt get a GFL but I didnt have much. Yours was crazy haha. Hope you had a great holiday!

2,700 packs!? Woah! That was really insane ,Lol. ^^ by the way your pack opening is really fun to watch.. and also congrats to your great pulls..


A quick search of and we see that Neal got

  • 1.79% legendary drop rate (.2% above the average)
  • .962% GFL (.16% above the average aka 2 more than expected aka 13 vs 11)
  • 4.08% Golds (pretty much average)

Great job!!

I grabbed a snack to watch this video. Watching pack openings is so addicting lol

It really is!

Fun video to watch. I love this game. Cannot wait for the coming season.

Are the other parts of the kickstarter package worth 1200 USD?

That's a good question. I think the value in the physical items is dependent on the reasoning for wanting those items. If its for personal gratification than the answer will be yes for most.

As for my personal view, the physical items would be cool to own regardless of their future worth but currently I view the BOOK/Physical Cards as an investment that likely don't cover the cost of purchase at present time but the future value of each could be tremendous.

The better question is ....

Do you think the other parts of the Kickstarter was worth $1200 USD?

Heh, probably not. The main thing I wanted was the book. Getting to design the summoner is fun, but not that fun.

On the bright side, the market is up today. My Untamed cards are up to 4500 USD this morning.

That's a good sign as it indicates someone is buying individual UNTAMED cards.

I thought the book was the best part of the physical items.
I eventually settled on a digital only package though.

YESS!!!! What a great video OMG! Awesome! Love it!! So many packs- it looks crazy! A Steem Monsters upvote is coming your way!



Yeah, that value is based on asking prices which I never trust. Actual sales are what matter, hence the $4,200 valuation in the video.

Catching up here lol

It's never too late. No matter what WU tells you

This video does want me to buy even more packs. But I guess I will have to stick with it with what I have.
Good luck on the battle field!

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