SPORTS Governance Proposal: SPORTS Account and Distribution Changes

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account = "sports-gov"

nodelist = NodeList()
nodes = nodelist.get_nodes(hive=True)
hive = Hive(node=nodes)

def undelegate_tokens(from, symbol, quantity, account):
    json_object = {
        "contractName": "tokens",
        "contractAction": "undelegate",
        "contractPayload": {
            "from": from,
            "symbol": symbol,
            "quantity": str(quantity)
    idxxx = "ssc-mainnet-hive"    
    trx = hive.custom_json(idxxx, json_object, required_auths=[account])
    c = Comment(loaded_post, steem_instance=hive)
    c.reply(str(trx), "delegation_trx", account)



I've made a couple proposals over the past few months that haven't been able to get enough support to pass quorum for @sports-gov. I've decided to combine these proposals into a single proposal with hopes that we can get these changes implemented and start moving forward from there.

The Proposal

This proposal is primarily a combination of my two prior proposals that can be found here and here.

Distribution Changes

I would like to change our yearly inflation distribution in a way that would add up to 970,338,265 SPORTS to our supply each year. Those would be distributed as:

  • Content - 65% - 630,720,000/year
  • Token Fund - 35% - 339,618,265/year

That would allow us to still distribute 315,360,000 rewards/year to authors and another 315,360,000 of rewards/year to curators for providing the content that drives the ecosystem. The 35% allocated for the token fund would mean that we'd have enough to continue funding the 102.2M SPORTS to LP rewards for SWAP.HIVE while also leaving more available for allocating to other projects.

Update SMT Contract

The only change that will be made is to lower the reward per interval setting from 80 to 60. This will equate to 630,720,000 SPORTS a year that will be made available to content rewards. Those will be split 50/50 between author and curators.

Proposed Token Settings

The SMT reward pool will be updated as follows:

Post Reward Curve: Power (r^a)

Post Reward Curve Parameter: 1
For 'power' curve, this is the exponent - 'a' of r^a. Use 1 for linear. Maximum 2 decimal precision.

Curation Reward Curve: Power (r^a)

Curation Reward Curve Parameter: 1
For 'power' curve, this is the exponent - 'a' of r^a. Use 1 for linear. Maximum 2 decimal precision.

Curation Reward Percentage: 50
What percentage of post reward should be allocated to curators. 

Cashout Window Days: 7
How long, in days, until a post is scheduled to pay out. Must be between 1 and 30.

Staked Reward Percentage: 50
What percentage of rewards should be given as staked. Should be between 0 and 100.

Reward Interval Seconds: 3
How often to add tokens to the reward pool.

Reward Per Interval: 60
How much to add to the reward pool every reward interval.

Vote Regeneration Days: 5
How long it takes to fully regenerate voting power from 0 to 100%.

Vote Power Consumption: 200
How much vote power is consumed at full voting power for a 100% vote.

Downvote Power Regeneration Days: 5
How long it takes to fully regenerate downvoting power from 0 to 100%.

Downvote Power Consumption: 1000
How much downvote power is consumed at full voting power for a 100% downvote.

Tags: #sports, #sportstalk, #hive-101690

Update Token Fund Contract on Hive Engine

The only change that will be made is to update the maximum amount per day that is allocated to the token fund. This will move the maximum amount per day up to 930,461 and will equate to 339,618,265 SPORTS a year that will be available to SPORTS projects such as Diesel Pool rewards.

Once approved and updated a SPORTS Token Fund proposal will be made that offers to burn any unused distribution each day by sending them to @null. That means that some of these 930,461 may never make it into circulation. It will be up to stakeholders to vote proposals higher than that burn proposal for them to be funded.

Proposed Token Settings

The token fund contract will be updated as follows:

Payment Token: SPORTS
Token to be paid out to the ranked proposals. You have to be the issuer of the token.

Vote Token: SPORTS
Token to be used for determining stake-weighted rank. Selected token must have staking enabled.

Vote Threshold: 20
Minimum amount of stake required for proposal consideration.

Maximum Duration: 730
Maximum duration of any proposal. Must be between 1 and 730 days.

Maximum Amount Per Day: 930,461
Maximum amount of payment tokens a proposal can request

Do you want to require fee to create proposals?: Yes

Payment Method: Burn
Fee can be burned or sent to the fee payment token's issuer.

Fee Payment Token: SPORTS
Token to be used for paying creation fee.

Amount: 2500 SPORTS

Account Changes

I've created a number of accounts for the tribe and various functions they might serve over the course of the last few years. I would like to use this portion of the proposal to revise what accounts the tribe manages and provide a framework for returning any assets that were held in non-community accounts back into the community.


This will become the main account for SPORTS and will replace @sportsrewards. Any updates to SPORTS must be signed by this account for the smart contract to validate them.

This account will be a multi-signature account to ensure that no one person is responsible for the tribe updates. It will have signers that are either:

a) self nominated using the SPORTS Governance system and receive a 51% approval before March 31, 2022
b) if at least 3 candidates aren't approved by March 31, 2022 then I will select a group myself to serve as the multi-signature signers for @sportstoken

These signers will accept the role of enforcing the community's desires. They should only sign transactions that have met the community's governance procedures or as a way to restore access to the system if for some reason the governance system becomes unavailable.


This is the governance account for the SPORTS community. It also serves as a community wallet that distributes funds based on community governance proposals.

This account is ran day to day by the ARCHON Tribe's Governance system. If this proposal is approved then I would like to make @sportstoken the owner authority on this account and remove the individual keys it has now after completing any pending transfers.


This is the community account for SportsTalkSocial on Hive. It's what controls the actual Sports Talk Social community that a lot of you post into.

This account is currently held by myself. If this proposal is approved then I would like to make @sportstoken the owner authority on this account and remove the individual keys it has now.

I'd also like to adopt two brief rules to the community to be used for moderation:

1.) All posts should be sports related
2.) Plagiarism is not accepted. All posts should be original content.

Additionally I would like to assign @cryptoandsports as a moderator for our community. This will give him the ability to moderate content that's outside of the above guidelines. It will not give him the ability to takeaway anyone's ability to receive SPORTS as a reward for their posts.


This is the account that controls the creation of SPORTS NFTs.

If this proposal is approved then I would like to make @sportstoken the owner authority on this account and remove the individual keys it has now.

Other Accounts

Any other accounts that have been used for SPORTS functions in the past will no longer be considered a part of the tribe. To the best of my knowledge and ability I will send any assets from these accounts into one of the official accounts.


A special account of note is @sportstalksocial. I will immediately send all of the liquid assets in this account to @sports-gov. The delegation to @actifit will remain active until it can be transferred without issue to @sportstoken.


Another account that should be mentioned is @sportswitness. Since the majority of the funds held in this account are ENG it makes most sense for these to be sent to @sportsnft to fund any future NFT actions needed.

Remove Delegation

This will remove the delegation sent to @amr008.sports for his bot since it is no longer active.

The Costs

I will cover any network fees associated with these changes from my own funds. I may request funding reimbursement from the token fund at a later date.

How to Vote

@sports-gov will reply to this post with two comments. If you'd like to see this proposal pass then upvote the YES comment with any % upvote.


If you would not like to see that these changes implemented then please upvote the NO comment with any % upvote.


Top 100 Stakeholders

I've tagged the top 100 SPORTS stakeholders to this initial proposal as notification of the new proposal. If you would like to not be included in future proposal tags please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll be sure you're removed from my list.

RankAccountGovernance PowerStake
1@patrickulrich8.404035266356402% GP134509464.56
2@edkarnie5.721147250022993% GP91568922.414
3@uyobong.sports / @uyobong4.776157497110251% GP76444037.564 / @razackpulo4.242100082004381% GP67896265.61
5@bluesniper3.75858924642565% GP60157508.984
6@cryptoandsports / @cryptoandcoffee3.6827723249631052% GP58944033.173
7@airforce3.1448501405028852% GP50334404.261
8@ctpsb.sports / @ctpsb2.2538341374068573% GP36073387.774
9@toni.sports2.164051302368353% GP34636382.73
10@bulgaria-sports / @hive-bulgaria1.9560789278975481% GP31307713.603
11@rezoanulv.sports / @rezoanulvibes1.89260550814042% GP30291799.767
12@amr008.sports / @amr0081.6629368840886876% GP26615874.73
13@bozz.sports / @bozz1.632562602831563% GP26129723.949
14@dfacademy-sports / @dfacademy1.5866142942910038% GP25394305.524
15@erikahfit / @erikah1.3856274612138795% GP22177442.381
16@zahidsun1.2036467085168014% GP19264778.068
17@fitcoin1.1868339305010074% GP18995683.794
18@yousaf-sports / @yousafharoonkhan1.0962209863393686% GP17545392.569
19@splines1.0610670070526353% GP16982741.083
20@ph1102.sports / @ph11021.0552184120732298% GP16889132.316
21@dalzphoto / @dalz0.9211321257447666% GP14743035.351
22@abh12345.sports / @abh123450.8935255291796128% GP14301182.312
23@roger51200.8845556516438483% GP14157616.348 / @bcm0.8831412861776183% GP14134978.944
25@steem.girl0.7269149893235225% GP11634523.523
26@pele230.6965770706117459% GP11148954.737
27@hykss.sports / @hykss0.6874487551064598% GP11002852.919
28@pjansen.cpt / @pjansen0.6807435925888924% GP10895534.495
29@majorleague0.6647660795995779% GP10639808.924
30@talesfrmthecrypt0.6571364403450329% GP10517693.933 / @botefarm0.6277568889910052% GP10047464.145
32@ebuyusuf0.572881955159427% GP9169172.023
33@voter0.5421631638158311% GP8677507.24
34@ptaku0.5278422867065066% GP8448296.694
35@xak0.49990201125063755% GP8001103.01
36@cedstruct0.49876290993092687% GP7982871.303
37@yohann0.4760172547041819% GP7618819.296
38@lightsplasher0.4466439141512485% GP7148688.914
39@brofi0.44367922299351664% GP7101238.016
40@deepresearch0.4374004087975632% GP7000743.443
41@flipstar0.42631252862852115% GP6823278.121
42@fun.sports0.4201855143061768% GP6725213.157
43@cruis0.41970829016047667% GP6717575.021
44@h770.41572196477101936% GP6653772.517
45@actifit-peter / @peter20170.39722582654900096% GP6357735.486
46@manuvert0.39612294013643784% GP6340083.411
47@devann.sports / @devann0.3606268886991597% GP5771956.943
48@tomlee.sports / @tomlee0.3431342532008253% GP5491981.317
49@salimbur0.342847280963862% GP5487388.228
50@solairitas0.3408996088289625% GP5456215.068
51@broncnutz0.32235136769260697% GP5159344.112
52@cloudblade0.32082131179513196% GP5134855.043
53@anicom0.3144165828320355% GP5032345.161
54@fural0.3124874465076732% GP5001468.673 / @freddio0.30726147449751046% GP4917825.2
56@flaxz0.30375520468328454% GP4861706.15
57@irman0.29007297350532824% GP4642717.351
58@jayna0.2761991111916855% GP4420661.43
59@sbi-tokens0.2675399190371104% GP4282068.092
60@costanza.sports / @costanza0.26259223572601087% GP4202878.725
61@alokkumar.sports / @alokkumar0.2531992902107632% GP4052541.413
62@sports.guy550.250766475824171% GP4013603.385
63@ekushya0.24529614222353252% GP3926048.821
64@mcshayn0.2331422120915299% GP3731521.004
65@cryptospa0.22573413835200784% GP3612952.245
66@markchu0.22092067453494368% GP3535911.107
67@stimp10240.21172181989652772% GP3388680.286
68@indosports0.2109932966644148% GP3377020.022
69@tbnfl4sun0.2106793268174716% GP3371994.827
70@sportfrei0.20862855967047492% GP3339171.596
71@browery0.20513717113710372% GP3283290.726
72@pouchon0.19933689027468743% GP3190455.243
73@jgb0.19522679184042485% GP3124671.709
74@beatsbema0.18957582499419334% GP3034226.048
75@actifit0.18108183886165727% GP2898276.889
76@ultratrain0.18073738625599212% GP2892763.807
77@ervin-lemark0.18016579312190809% GP2883615.263
78@arsenal4life0.1781201842524636% GP2850874.592
79@djsl820.17595744099643842% GP2816259.145
80@guurry1230.1729914541463631% GP2768787.509
81@obrisgold10.16624872367345678% GP2660867.797
82@wolfgangsport0.16599961341865113% GP2656880.702
83@kolawole0.16516117313994932% GP2643461.178
84@rosatravels0.1633371098546829% GP2614266.42
85@jfang0030.16147288585484976% GP2584428.876
86@chekohler0.15882076507387105% GP2541980.774
87@fit.zone0.15860065625992775% GP2538457.857
88@anderssinho0.15807917414281358% GP2530111.357
89@ireneblessing0.157494060960833% GP2520746.42
90@toufiq7770.1559029988095168% GP2495280.925
91@nurdinnakaturi0.1551761934412762% GP2483648.156
92@carinm0.149930218985314% GP2399684.537 / @zellypearl0.14987656415169254% GP2398825.773
94@moyse0.14865920683815986% GP2379341.552
95@opochtli0.14568730733743204% GP2331775.282
96@philnewton0.14437941644229954% GP2310842.04
97@tfame38650.14234816165475161% GP2278331.111
98@saoirseronan0.14050387593464422% GP2248812.686
99@engrsayful0.1390618668241575% GP2225732.836
100@simaroy0.13689299230297944% GP2191019.256