More SPORTS Token Whales Were Coming

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Today I am checking the rich list of SPORTS Token holder. And I found some new whales are coming to the top of list. There are three new accounts who have over 50M SPORTS Token: @csport @bluesniper and @element5. A bit surprised to see @csport sit on number 3 of the list with 74938499 SPORTS Token.


It’s really a good thing to find new names holding over 50 M token that means SPORTS Token has already attract new investors. As we know that Sportstalksocial is one of the most active tribe on Hive-Engine.


The old whales are still there, @mk-sports-token, @uyobong.sports, @edkarnie, me, @cryptoandsports and @amr008.sports. And all of them have their accounts growing day by day.

I am sure there will be more and more accounts to have 50M Sports Token and more in the future. There are millions of Sports fans out there, I believe they will find sportstalksocial finally.