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Proposal: reduce Hive inflation by reducing curation rewards

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One issue with doing flat rewards, even for a time, instead of the curve is that it opens up a new form of auto-voting. For example, if the rewards are proportional to stake for the first hour, then large stackholders can have bots watch which posts are getting first hour votes and pile in. The curves encourage voting before others, but not voting too early. Perhaps the early-voting-penalty time could be extended, and front-ends could build ways to delay manual votes for their users.

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My thinking behind the CR based on stake is that there would be no financial benefit to piling on something already rewarded well. If your vote is worth $1, you get 50 cents in 7 days.

But yes, then we are back to potential self-voting of comments and buying votes.

It’s a tough one.


But the self-voting was with a 25/75 split. With the 50/50 split, it may be a bit different, in fact, I'd bet it'd be a lot different. And comments would once again be upvoted just as much as original posts! The minnows would be much happier with a more equitable 1:1 distribution with the lower vote count comments and posts too! It would be much fairer.

But yes, I agree, it's a tough one. Too bad we can't find that happy balance in between.

It would be great to see more comment voting - some provide more value to me than the Post itself.

What you're saying is true, but I'm not sure it would be such a bad thing, from a quality curation perspective. Manual voters would identify the good posts, then auto-vote bots would just be magnifying the rewards to the authors of those posts. It does allow the bots to benefit from the work of the manual curators to some extent, but I think it would be better than the situation now.

Effectively, it would be allowing bots to do vote trailing based on more than one manual curator.

"Human Curator Amplification" bot - well that's my excuse. It'd be interesting to model what the plays would be. I'm guessing an amplification of the echo effects from the current favourite-author based autovoters until they become a smaller part of the puzzle - basically when manual curation has a larger effect. Then whales + cartels upvoting shitposts as bot magnets. At least there'd be fewer shitposts that get massive upvotes so easier to target for downvoting.

Note that the "good" bots could also just discount votes by abusive voters.

I think there would be more incentive to join manual curation project trails without the curve and it is easier for anyone to find a good trail than 10 or more content creators to always vote for them.

Definitely. There is 0 financial incentive to join a trail 100 accounts long with many votes larger than yours in front.

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