Steps to go through PancakeSwap Migration V2 | 如何找回Pancake升级版后的旧LP

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English Version (中文的在下面)

PancakeSwap has migrated to v2 today, I had a small amount BNB-CAKE LP a while ago and never bothered to check on daily.

Of course, I failed to check their Twitter account ahead of time to know this migration. It just so happened I login my Trust Wallet and found out the upgrade.


I could not find my old LP from the old v1. I asked around in crypto groups I am with, and there were a couple people experienced the same issue. However, none of them had the exact clue in how to find the old LP and stake to the v2 equivalent. Most actions had been clicking here and there randomly and somehow the fund was back.

I started my trail and error and here is the steps I took in order to re-stake my farming pool. I want to apologize that I do not have any screenshot because I wasn’t aware which steps were correct until the whole process was done.

Note: According to PancakeSwap, this is only for Farms, not Pools.


  1. Enabled the farming pool (I don’t know if this step is necessary to be perform first, but this is what I did)
  2. Go to Liquidity under Trade
  3. Select V1 (old) at the footer
  4. Select Liquidity from the select tabs (Swap, Liquidity, Bridge), as of right now, it is right underneath of their warning banner labeled “ACTION Required for all LP token holders”
  5. You won’t see anything here at first. Click on the “Import it” link under “Your Liquidity” section
  6. Select your pair you know you had in V1.
  7. Once the application found your pair, expand your pair by clicking on the “down arrow”
  8. Click on Remove button, then select max value
  9. Click on Approve button, and pay the transaction fee
  10. Click on Remove button, and pay the transaction fee. This step will return your LP pair back to BNB + whatever token to your wallet.
  11. Check your BNB and paired token in your wallet.
  12. Header over to PancakeSwap again, and add Liquidity again as usual and stake the new pair into the farming pool.

Here are all steps I took to migrate my old LP to V2. Hope these steps are useful to others.


PancakeSwap今天升级新版本v2,前一阵子我测试这个dApp投入了少量的BNB-CAKE LP,由于币很少,测试完成之后,就放在那里,时不时的上去看一下。

就因为这个原因,我没看到几天前PancakeSwap通告的推文。今天早晨,我无意间登录了我的Trust Wallet,发现了PancakeSwap正在升级。

在升级的过程中,我无法找到旧版v1的Farming Pool,更找不到我过去的LP。我上微信问了问别人有没有遇到同样的问题。答案是肯定的。但是,他们都没有关于如何找到旧LP以及将股份押入v2的确切操作方式。大家都是随机点击这里、那里,在不知道正确过程的情况下退还了资金。


备注: According to PancakeSwap, this is only for Farms, not Pools.


  1. 收授权V2耕作池(我不知道是否必须先执行此步骤,但这是我所做的)
  2. 选择Trade的Liquidity
  3. 在页脚选择V1(old)
  4. 选择(Swap, Liquidity, Bridge)中的“Liquidity”,就目前的界面,这三个选线是页面警告标语“所有LP令牌持有者需要采取行动”的正下方
  5. 现在应该看不到任何就LP。点击“Your Liquidity”部分下的“Import it”链接
  6. 选择在旧版V1中拥有的LP对。
  7. 应用程序自动找到原有的LP,然后单击“向下箭头”展开LP隐藏的内容
  8. 单击删除按钮,然后选择最大值
  9. 点击批准按钮,并支付交易费用
  10. 单击删除按钮,并支付交易费用。这个步骤将拆开你的LP,返还BNB和配对的币回钱包中
  11. 检查BNB和配对的币是否返还给您的钱包。
  12. 再回到PancakeSwap,像往常一样再次添加Liquidity,然后重新将新配对的LP放到Farming Pool中。