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Last week, the theme was for us to share secondary school stories and the stories them shock me. E clear say some people chop cane well well for school, and others don spoil early because them even dey talk about their crushes. We had so many wonderful entries and it helped us discover some cool content creators amongst us. Every entry received a different level of upvote and we thank you all for participating.

Belemo's picks:

In the theme announcement post, @belemo pledged to give 3 of his favourite entries 5 Hive each but only two entries met his judgement criteria. So, without further due, here they are




Nonso's Picks

In the theme announcement post, @nonsowrites pledged to give 10hive reward to the pool and this is his choice




Back to the matter

This week, want to try something that we can all have fun with again as usual. Hive means many things to different people; whether it is a blockchain with advanced technology, a currency of exchange, or business.

Can Hive be a source of employment? Is it going to empower the youths? Can you use it for your business? We want to hear your ideas about how you can use Hive in your society or any area of your choice.

A Few Tips

  • Have fun with your post title but for uniformity you may use "Hive In The Society" and then spice it up to your taste. Also, include #naija and #nigeria as one of your tags
  • Tell us about your location if possible
  • Tell us about businesses, institutions or any platform you feel could use Hive
  • Throw in some cool pictures, and feel free to promote any business of yours or otherwise that could use Hive
  • I like pidgin English, so if you fit chook small inside, e go give me joy
  • Post your content for the Hive Naija community; people, Peakd people or just use hive-105727 as your first tag if you're using Esteem or any other Dapp
  • If your post has to do with finance, remember to use #leofinance tag to stand a chance of receiving Leo votes


We only have one sponsor so far but we're open for more sponsors. If you would like to support this themed discussion, please indicate in the comment section of this post.

  • @belemo will be rewarding three posts that stand out with 5 Hive each
  • @nonsowrites will be rewarding two posts with 5 hive each wey sweet am
  • @mistakili will be rewarding 2 posts with 4 hive each wey he like
  • @hive-naija will give 2 participants beneficiary rewards from the monthly update post on the 5th of August.

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Thanks hive naija for this great work and @belemo @nonsowrites for wuna continues support. We dey appreciate wuna work

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Lol... I no spoil oh 😂😂😂😂

I be good boy oh 😂. Thanks for choosing my post 😊😊😊

Congrats to last weeks let's get serious

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ok i will be glad to contributes in this community