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End of season Steemmonster update!

in hive-114105 •  5 months ago 

@fullcoverbetting, I just start playing SteemMonsters and I did manage to make it to Silver I (barely) but it's almost impossible to win now because I only have a small collection of low level cards. Every time I see that Goblin Mech come up against me I know I'm toast. I purchased a few packs of the Untamed just to get started but I don't want to be buying more cards yet. This season end will be my first rewards cards and I'm looking forward to seeing what I get. Do you mess with the potions - does it really help you get better cards?

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Personally I do stay away from the potions. I know that a lot of people do use them. But I do prefer to sell my DEC for steem, to power up my steem account or to invest in other things on the steem blockchain!



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