More cats, more strings and more graphs

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Cat life: It is a short holiday in China so brought my kitty off campus. Had to cut her nails for the first time as to avoid that she would wreck her holiday home. She appears to be really easy with travelling which is cool. She likes to explore the place but at the same time doesn't like to stray too far from me which is the perfect combo. ^-^

Tale of two strings: " " and ' '. For research coding I am mostly just solving equations. So I am a bit late to the party when it comes to the things outside the mathematical realm. I only realised today why in python it is useful to have ' ' and " " for strings. For example let Justin be a dictionary and set Justin['weiner'] = 'micro'. Then if I want to call f'{Justin['weiner']}' python will be confused since it doesn't know how to connect the ' ' so you need to go for f'{Justin["weiner"]}'

Internal market visualization: Recently, I started looking at the hive internal market dynamics. I was lacking a good visualization so I continued my coding from last night. Green is HBD/HIVE close, the orange curve is the median history price used for conversion (I have only been following it for the last few days so past data is missing) and the blue line is a conversion. So I just let it be a straight which has the value of the fill convert request and where the begin and end point correspond to the open and fill date, respectively. Probably not the best way to visualize stuff.


If you would average the internal market over a larger time scale then it stays a good 10 percent above the median history.

I would actually really like historical data on the median history price. It seems like only the current value is stored on the chain. If anybody has that data lying around pls let me know.

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