What Is Workerbee?

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another Coin Logic review! Today we are talking about the WORKERBEE token from Hive-Engine.

The WORKERBEE Token is a miner token and when staked in your wallet earns you the BEE token which is the Hive-Engine token that their Hive equivalent. If you want to do anything on the Hive-Engine system as far as smart contracts, you need BEE, but more on BEE in the next token review!

WORKERBEE is also the Hive-Engine governance token which allows you to vote for the block producing witnesses on the Hive-Engine second layer!

Check out the video to find out all about it and why if you use any of the Hive Engine tokens or play games like Splinterlands, then you might want to look into having some...

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