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Probably you know the Liotes ranking where all the members of the community are listed according to their points in terms of delegated Hive power to @liotes.voter, their staked LENM tokens, and also according to the mission that they take part in.

It's great to be in this ranking. When you reach the next title, you get a bonus in LEN tokens but being in this ranking is much more...

The liotes community ranking

When you are part of this ranking and you are well ranked, you get a lot of advantages. If you write quality content, you will get upvotes from the @liotes.voter account, which has significant HivePower that grows every day, but also some other tribe tokens staked (POB, PAL, NEOXIAN). If you reach the title of Wind Maker, the percentage of this vote will even be higher. That is not all, however. There is a curation trail that brings upvotes from my personal account and also the account of @ph1102.

If in addition, you use tags like #ctp, #leofinance, or #vibes, you have an additional chance to get upvoted by our specialized curation trails in these tokens.

How to improve your ranking

The easiest way to increase your ranking is to take part in our weekly missions. You simply have to take part in the challenge to get points.

You can also get points for staking LENM tokens. For every 10 LENM staked, you get 1 point in the ranking. The nice thing is that when staking LENM, you also have the chance to get LEN tokens every hour.

The third way to get points is to delegate Hive Power to the @liotes.voter account. For 30 Hive Power delegated you get 1 point in the ranking. You get also a daily dividend payment in the form of LEN tokens. At the moment the APR is around 11%. You can use these LEN tokens in our shop, you can buy Rising Star packs or you can simply sell the LEN tokens on the market.


A project run by @ph1102 and @achim03


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