CONTEST 21.01.2021 - Splinterlands results

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CONTEST 21.01.2021 - Splinterlands results

Today gameplay was a complete slaughter-house, I was on the real loser end but I managed to complete my quest, buy more cards and earn a decent number of points.

Video from one battle:


  1. Which set will make me more DEC (money) ; fire, water, nature, life, death or dragon ( you may choose just one)?
  2. ( additional question) How many DEC will I approximately earn? ( leave in comment)


Live preview:
When page says contest available and game pending, that means there is another contest somewhere in my profile.
When page says contest closed and game in progress, that means participants no longer can submit answers.
I announce number of participants and close contest by leaving a comment.
Previous battle results are visible in chart.
I play each day until the capture rate drops under 75%.


I pay directly from BCH wallet $0.1 so you will need to leave me your BCH address. If you do not have it, either make one or I will send you 125 DEC instead.

Previous results

Contest was closed on Memocash, Noisecash and Hive with 4 participants.
Winner is @the01crow with correct set and @eirik with the closest number of points.


  • fire

  • water

  • nature

  • life

  • death

  • dragon

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