Creativity, Transformation and the New Cycles of Life!

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Hello, my friends! This is an interesting and exciting week. We'll have a New Moon in Virgo on Thursday, September 17th, while the Great Conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn remains in Capricorn and Uranus does its thing in Tauro. Powerful Earth Trian. Have you thought of a seed to plant? A project to begin? This is the time to go out there and start building!

I began reading Frank Herbert's Dune for the first time last week, it's an amazing novel for many reasons and a profoundly important narrative right now. It's been some time since I felt really engaged in a book, and it's just awesome! I also realized that I couldn't have read it before, I lacked the necessary knowledge to truly appreciate it. Two things are key in the story: the focus on Self-Awareness, which all main characters and especially the protagonist train to tremendous levels of sophistication, and the study of Water, both as an element of physical reality and as an abstract concept. I don't think I would've understood the nuanced tapestry of this story if I hadn't worked on my own mindfulness.

Before I began writing this column, I took some time to meditate, to awaken all of the creativity in my cells, muscles and bones. I called for my Water to start flowing freely through my body, for my Svadhisthana to open completely, helping me write these words and also getting ready to irrigate the seeds that I shall plant for the New Cycle.

The authors I selected today are all in that same process of flowing from one place to another, of becoming, trying new things. Let's see what they're telling us!


First we have this excellent post by @cabelindsay, where he details the first session of homeschooling/unschooling with his kids and @wildfamily. It's really beautiful work and I can only imagine what it means for the children and for the family as a whole! I have deep interest in education and these are the kind of experiences that I find most inspiring. Thank you, man! And for your music too!

If you want to know more about alternative forms of education, leave a comment for the author and be sure to check other members of the community invested in this topic!

Documenting Our Homeschool Journey - Day 1


I began this curation talking about Svadhisthana, the Sacral Chakra, dwelling of our creative potential, our sexuality and transformative energy. Each Chakra is an energy core and encompasses an essential part of our system, there are many things you can do to train these cores, increase their capacity and balance. Check out this handy post by @tarot911 about the topic!

Have any interesting tips on the subject of healing and opening the Chakras? Share the knowledge!

Chakra Alignment, Opening and Sealing

Transformation, changing from one state to another, shifting from place to place; that's how the Universe works. Sometimes this change is tough, unpleasant, harsh. We're confronted with illness, fear and pain until we can shed our skin, let go and experience the flip side of the coin: gratitude for a new day. This is what @fmbs25 brings us in this post.

We've all been going through some complex times, but we can find great comfort in the community! Support the author with a comment and perhaps even open up about your own tough journey these past few months.

Never Stop Being Grateful for One More Day of Life

Sometimes the change is abrupt, or so obvious that it brings even a physical relocation. @mamrita has been sharing her process with us for some time and her imminent return to her homeland has been a growing reality that's now just around the corner. All the best energy for her in this literal new life that she's starting!

Send her some love with a comment! If you're also moving from place to place right now, tells us about the experience!

Closing One Chapter and Starting Another - Goodbye Berlin!


Sometimes the change is more subdued, harder to pinpoint but no less profound. When we're leading a peaceful life, we can move through the details, and we find that change is actually in the smallest things. Big transformations are indeed a collection of smaller transformations that we can activate deliberately. Just like @juanvegetarian says here, we don't need to invest huge amounts of effort or experience colossal changes, we can ride change consciously in the little things, and meditation is a great tool for that!

What changes do you think you could do for the least investment of energy? Care to give Juan some more ideas?

Starting a Revolution from my Bed

With the right mindset, change can always be magical, even if it comes at a great price. It can be expressed in so many ways: in conversations with loved ones or strangers; the emergence of memories and feelings during meditation; even in the images of dreams. Here we have another of @vincentnijman's Hypersensitivosaurus stories, telling us about the Firebird gliding through the sky in a reverie, a vision of empowerment and becoming!

What about you? Have you experienced revelations during musings and dreams of late? Tell Vincent and the community about them!

Rise of the Phoenix

And talking about musings, here's @denmarkguy with a beautiful entry about creativity, how it comes and goes, ebbs and rises, despite our plans. I didn't know he painted stones, visit @alchemystones, it's gorgeous work! Of course, this post is also filled with lovely pictures taken by him.

It'd be nice to know more about how members of the community manage creativity. Got any advice? Any questions? Let us know!

This Strange Thing Called "Creativity"


I conclude this curation with a tangible, literal example of transformation. Here's a really nice origami crane by @qwerrie, with an interesting background story. He explains the process step by step, so we can all do our own.

How about we all swarm his post with pictures of our own paper cranes?

Origami Crane


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