Operation Positive Vibes{#hivevibes}-A Culture of Kindness, Rehoming Rather than Abolishing, Earth Deeds and Plugging a Hole

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Spreading good vibes around is what Community is all about. Feeling good equates to good health and tends to strengthen relationships. This is why we at Natural Medicine want to highlight articles that showcase the good done for others, for you and even our environment.


While nature dishes out the good and bad randomly, we have a choice for which frequency we radiate out #hivevibes into the all. For this reason we choose to radiate #hivevibes into the ether each friday.

What better way to start the weekend than reading some great Hive articles that show the good our fellow authors are doing or sharing from around the world? I can't think of any.

So, whether you are lending a hand, vounteering for a good cause, going above and beyond to be a good steward of the earth, rescuing a fellow being from an animal shelter or have just made someone's day or them you for whatever reason, please share it on Hive and use one of the tags listed at the end of the main article.divider.fw.png

While travelling abroad @erikah was a bit intimidated by the language barrier, even though she speaks four different languages herself. While visiting Vienna, Austria these fears were quickly alleviated, because of the generously helpful nature of the many Austrians she encountered.



One time an older woman approached us and asked something in German which we did not understand. She didn't speak English so I was hoping she can still understand "we're ok". When she saw we can't understand each other, she went to the security guys to ask for help. I saw that and approached them to let them know we are not lost, we know where we are and to thank them for their kindness. I was totally amazed by the woman's kindness. In this crazy world when everyone is in a hurry, there are those like her who are helping strangers out of her own will.

This is only one such example of many in @erikah's article and after reading it you'll be inspired to visit Austria and meet the people there. It definitely radiates a culture of kindness.

Kindness I encountered from strangers while traveling: Vienna, the city where everyone is helping

Then there's @recording-box who partnered up with a friend of his to save the bee's. We can definitely relate to this, being a part of a Swarm ourselves. Here's an example of how an "Exterminator" should work. This small gesture turned into a slightly bigger movement through crowdfunding to save even more.

They were able to stretch the meagre funds raised to create an amazing little slice of heaven for these amazing beings.



My friend Ahmid has been a hobby beekeeper for a couple of years now. In mid 2018, he singlehandedly started a bee rescue project called BeeHub. He took calls on his cellphone from people who had unwanted swarms and he would put on his bee suit, drive to wherever the bees were, remove the bees, take them to a farm about 30 miles outside of the city and put them in hives that he built himself; everything paid out of his own pocket!!

The article is accompanied by a very well produced video showing what they've accomplished and we are very grateful for their selfless efforts. Please give this article a visit and if you can, help them save even more bees.

Bee Mountain - a sanctuary for rescued bees built in the Guatemalan forest

@porters has had her life challenges, like all of us, but this one was life changing. While some would have succumbed to their injuries, she used what she had available to plug the hole in her bucket.

After the accident, @porters was unable to be as physically active as she used to be. Instead of being discouraged after being sidelined by others, she regrouped to find herself and share what she had to offer.

This manifested itself into teaching children and doing so with compassion. Thank you @porters for being the type of role model our children need. We need many more like you in this world.



Once I got into working with the young kids in the "Play and Exploration" program, I could see so much potential in those children and I wanted to see them grow to their greatest potential!

Check out her article;

Rising to a Challenge and Being a Guiding Light - Response to Ecotrain Question of the Week...

@yann0975 has started an initiative called @cleanplanet. He walks around cleaning up litter in his area and beyond, while trying to motivate you to do the same.

I believe @cleanplanet is looking to support and curate articles on Hive that show how we are working to create a better environment in real time. Regardless of your position on Climate Change there should be no argument that our rubbish in the wrong places is not doing anyone any good.

I fully support this initiative and hope it becomes an influential Challenge on the Hive Blockchain.






This article is a Dtube video, so I hope you give it a watch, emulate his actions and/or throw a delegation his way so others going out of their way to clean up our mess are supported.


@abundance.tribe's latest initiative Earth Deeds, headed by @elamental is another great Challenge that's purpose will not only help the planet, but bring further value to Hive. It's inspired by the @cleanplanet initiative above and even promotes the use of the #cleanplanet tag, but @elemental hopes to populate the #onetrashaday tag as well.

I hope you all will join in and help to create a cleaner environment for us all.



What is an Earth Deed?

An Earth Deed is anything you do to reduce your carbon footprint and/or heal the planet in your every day life. This could be as simple as re-using plastic bottles and bags, and as complex as organizing massive eco-conscious projects and clean-ups. There is no Earth Deed that is too small to have an impact, and anything you do to be resourceful and minimize waste, should be reported on to inspire others, especially if you have a Hive account. This contest provides even more personal rewards for your eco-conscious actions, in addition to the greatest reward of all, a healthier Earth mother Gaia, our home.

Earth Deeds - Volume 9 - CONTEST ENTRY ARTICLE - Win BIG Up-Votes from TribeSteemUp aka Abundance.Tribe

And finally I'd like to share my own #hivevibes, which is two-fold, sharing my own Earth Deeds. Each year since 2014 I've travelled quite far distances to help out those short on resources to create the simple lives they yearn for.


In this article I highlight one of these volunteer ventures, in which I spent two weeks on two different occasions for a total of a month of my time.

The second part deals with planting on my new hugelkultur mounds, which helps to decrease my carbon footprint, cleaning up the planet one small action at a time.

Please stop by and give it a read. I've even linked to my how-to article showing the process for building the best hugelkultur mounds to start your own garden.

Earth Deeds-Today I Planted My Garden~ A Small Step Towards Independence and a Big Step Towards Leaving a Smaller Footprint

I hope these articles highlighting the diverse ways #hivevibes is being spread across the platform and the planet have got you planning your own vibing article. If you have some #hivevibes to spread yourself, please make use of any one of these tags; #hivevibes #positivevibes #positivity #giving #volunteering #cleanplanet #rescue. Make sure they are relevent, of course.

For each of Natural Medicines curation articles it's customary to make one author showcased a 5% beneficiary of the article. In the name of #hivevibes and #giving I've started to make each author curated a 5% beneficiary, except myself, of course.

I'd like to remind you that our latest Challenge Wild Edibles Challenge is running for one more day. Make sure to get your entries in tomorrow.


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