BTC, HIVE, BAT price check

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BTC hovered around the 10k region between 20th September to 9th October before developing a bullish momentum to 11k where it currently trading at $11347, one would expect it was on it way to 12k last Tuesday peaking at $11680.


Averaging around 11.3k within the last 24 hours, BTC seem to be resisting a pull back below 11k, hopefully it forms strong bullish momentum to hit 12k.


Oh dear I HIVE have been on the pull back end of late with the price not doing so well, some of us believe HIVE is undervalued and I wonder how long will the this continue, having HIVE above a dollar will be great for the community.
Haven seen it drop to $0.13 on 6th October there seem to be some upward surge mounting up as it is currently trading at $0.15.


BAT was another that had a pull back considering it peaked at $0.41 back in August, it is now trading at $0.21. It will be safe to say ALTs are doing fairly okay at the moment as they resist further pull back.
The last months of of the year will be interesting as crypto tries to end on a high note.


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