Ethereum Guys Are Coming, Grab Your Popcorn!

7 days ago
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If you've not been living under a stone, you must have read by now that Leofinance successfully made a gigantic move by building a bridge into Ethereum through Metamask, in summary anyone with an Ethereum address can easily sign up and into Leofinance, blog and earn leo tokens as Eth if they so wish.

It reminds me of when Splinterlands also built a bridge into Tron and later on into Ethereum and then Wax etc. It is super interesting to see the possibilities of this expansion take place beyond Hive ecosystem, to be honest when I first read about Leofinance bridging into Ethereum I was skeptical about it. I thought it was just another way for value to leave the system, but that was a myopic perspective.

Any new user from Ethereum interested in taking the platform for a spin will probably want to see if the platform actually does what it say's it'll do, blog and earn rewards in Eth, so they will probably make an intro post and find out that after 7 days they will earn some amount of Eth directly into their wallet, however little.

Once the platform works as should, which it will, then the user might be spurred to continue posting. Before that, if the user is inquisitive, then he might want to learn more indept information about the platform which will lead such user to learning about Hive, staking on both platforms then eventually possible investment.

If the user is not so inquisitive, then he might just keep posting to earn few coins, nothing that could hurt the price of the token. Peradventure the user posts good content and catches the attention of curators, then there are chances that the person will get more informed because the community will engage more with such poster which will lead to retainment and eventual investing in stakes from the person.

Ethereum is a very robust ecosystem, there are a ton of applications where an holder can put their idle Ether and earn rewards from them, based on my calculations in this post, it will be interesting to see if turning about 3 Eth into Leo and curating judiciously with it will be more rewarding than other Ethereum based applications.

With current prices, 3 Eth will give approximately $1200, which will give around 5700leo, curating with this will give returns of approximately $23 per month at current leo prices. Perhaps the investor only wants to earn from curation alone, how many ETH holders do you think will be willing to put just 3 Eth on the line to be able to earn such returns? What about 6? 10?

These are just from Ethereum users, how about when Leofinance expands into other ecosystems?

Thank you for reading.


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