One Of The Most Sought After Cards On Splinterlands Just Got A Price Boost! - Gold Foil Legendary Dark Ha'On

26 days ago
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Hello Gamers From Around The World!

I currently hold not just one of the best cards on Splinterlands but also one of the rarest and most sought after cards, the Legendary Gold Foil Dark Ha'on!


The first time I told you guys about the Legendary Gold foiled Dark Ha'on Splinterlands card, it was approximately 22 days ago, the price was ranging around $38-$40 on the open market with about 8 pieces on sale with only 67 in circulation, you can check this post for more info, the last time I wrote about it(17 days ago), the price had shifted to a base of $40 with only 6 pieces left in the open market and 65 in circulation. You can check this post for more information where I compared the gold foil Dark Ha'on to other gold foil cards within its price range.


Today I'm proud to announce that the price has not only doubled at $89 but there are only 2 pieces left in the market and the last piece goes for $94! After these pieces have been sold off, the next seller has the chance to input a new base price for the card, hopefully starting from $200 or $150, if the seller knows what its worth! The card which was once sold for $37 is now priced at $89, that is some interesting gain on a gaming card guys. I love when my assets acts independent of Bitcoin! Cards are up, while Bitcoin bleeds! I guess my analysis in this post was right and some people took note and took advantage of swallowing up the remaining pieces listed in the market!....This is fun to see!!!

This is the power of Splinterlands open market...This is the power of Hive!

Thank you for reading!!!

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Battle till you drop!!!! See ya.


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