Winning The Pascal Coin Writing Contest - A glance into the future

5 days ago
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Hi guys, it is my pleasure to inform you that I won the Pascal Coin writing contest in first place, I entered for it early September and I was just rewarded with 600 Pascal coins.

Winning this contest is and is not so much of a surprise to me, because writing about Blockchain matters has always been my thing, I've entered and won numerous contest organised by The State of the Dapps in collaboration with Oracle-D, I've also participated in numerous contest organised by OriginalWorks and written a bunch of Blockchain tech related articles on Utopian.

However, winning came as a little bit of surprise because of the wide variety of people who showed their interest in entering for the contest on twitter, in fact there was an entry I read through and thought wow, this should beat mine hands down but I guess the judges didn't agree with that thought.

I can't deny that spending time on Hive reading and writing has greatly impacted my writing "technique" so to say, but my interest in Blockchain technology and flair for wanting to know what's what also greatly contributed to it.

Thinking about it, 600Pasc might be small but looking from hindsight, about two years ago, these were things I was doing for free, highest I got were "thank you for the review" from project owners and a retweet on twitter with 2 likes or 3.

Few days ago on twitter, people where doing a challenge under the term "where it began and where it ended or presently is" they tag it with a picture of before and after. I saw one done by Marques Brownlee, he's a popular YouTube personality, he makes video reviews of phone's and other tech gadgets and has millions of subscribers.

But before all the glam and popularity came, he had few measly followers, but he remained consistent, vibrant, diligent and creative, he was committed to his craft for a long time and today, he's being sent phone's from high grades to low grades and other tech products from different manufactures around the world for free to have him review them on his channel, now he's making bank with what he loves to do.

Truth is anybody can be Marques Brownlee, with commitment, consistency, diligence and creativity, anyone can achieve much more than he has.

Little beginnings are never to be overlooked, today it is 600pasc, who knows what tomorrow might be, 60,000pasc? 1bitcoin per review?

I remember a couple of months ago I was just there doing my thing when Hodl community was initiated as a community to curate blockchain and crypto related articles on Hive and my writings have since gained more interaction, visibility and found a home coupled with Leofinance tribe.

Who knows how much both communities would have grown in the next few years? Or how much Hive will be worth, thereby significantly increasing the value of curation from the community and in turn positively impacting the level of visibility of my articles and indirectly my growth and influence.

Perhaps Hive is only but a stepping stone to what is to come in the grand scheme of things and these are only but a microscopic evidence of what it'll look like.

Anyway, I remain super grateful to everyone who supports me and spares some time to engage with my posts, inspire me with theirs and motivate me. I haven't been engaging a lot lately due to the situation of my country, I'm either protesting on the streets or on my phone, I will make a post about the latest happenings much later today, we Nigerian youth will not get tired, we will not give up until Justice is served on the lives lost and our rightful demands are met by the Nigerian government.

Thank you for reading


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