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(Click here to access previous post before reading this one). Next you wish to know which cards you should purchase to best utilize buff/debuff abilities on your formation? First, let's revisit the list of the cards and their abilities available for the Bronze League:

Notes: I have revamp the table from previous post by adding the Soulbound Reward cards.

Next, we will make a path diagram to show the order of which cards should be attained first and so on. There are 3 (three) main factors which I will use to determine the path diagram.

  1. The importance level of the ability (as explained in my previous post, more important
    abilities have better chances to applies).
  2. The cost to attain the ability on each card (less expensive card would be readily available to purchase).
  3. The level of mana of the card (card with less mana will be more versatile to be deployed in all mana cap battle).

And now the best route to achieve all them would be like this:


To read this path diagram start from the top-most part and then coming down layer-by-layer which separated by the broken line. Each cards which parallel in horizontal position would means alternatives cards available to select after the previous one. The bottom-most would be the most difficult card to gain or use, and would be the last one to pursue. Each card are decorated with the card image, the bcx required to unlock the ability, and then there's price which based on the price of regular foil.

The explanation for the path diagram are here:

  1. Djinn Renova should be the first step since Strengthen is important ability and the card price is quite affordable. The next step would be to turn into Protect ability where there're several choices between Venari Wavesmith, Ferox Defender, and Ravenhood Warden. All cards are affordable in price (except Ferox and Ravenhood which not tradeable currently, but considering they are Normal type card). Clockwork Aide should be prioritize with its Swiftness ability (the most important ability), but considering its an Epic card there might be an extra effort or cost access it, which in turn put this card on the 2nd layer.

  2. Arkemis The Bear might also own Protect ability, but although the price is affordable, the deployment cost is 12 mana which in turn this card will rarely be deployed. Slow should be your next target, with Time Mage and Truthspeaker should be considered. At the fourth step, there're Baakjira and Queen Mycelia. Both are high price card and would require extra budget to own; but considering the importance of those ability, they should be pursued earlier.

  3. Demented Shark should be pursued earlier since its Inspire ability could boost a lot of cards from Water Splinter. Warrior of Peace and Disintegrator with their Demoralize ability have very low importance, but since their price are cheap, they should be purchased earlier. The next step would be to pursue Ash Mirage or Will-O-Wisp. Ash Mirage with its Headwinds are less useful, but Will-O-Wisp with its Weaken ability could be helpful only that its an Epic card which cost extra.

  4. The last three layers consist of card which cost several dollar but their ability are of low importance. Sporcerer and Noa The Just have Rust ability but they both Epic card which cost some fortune. Runemancer Atuat have headwinds ability but requiring 9 mana to deploy will limit the use of this card. Diamond Dragon which cost above $10 and the card itself cost 10 mana to deploy; it should be pursued only if there's spare budget. Finally, the last layer have Epona, which clearly from the price itself, it almost unaffordable, and should be pursued lately or maybe not at all.

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I like your graphics! great work


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Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12