Hivesigner - Documentation, Hardfork and other improvements

13 days ago
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Just pushed some updates into Hivesigner API and Hivesigner UI to get them ready for upcoming hardfork, as well as add some improvements and fix reported bugs.


What's new

  • Updated libraries to get both API and UI ready for upcoming Hardfork
  • API: fix app profile detection issue
  • API: fix conderser operations related issue
  • API: fix condenser custom_json related issue
  • UI: fix owner key signing issue
  • UI: fix app account detection issue
  • UI: auths page keys sorting for easy revoke
  • UI: add redirect_uri for sign operations so apps can redirect to page and get transaction id after success.
  • UI: wiki pages updated for better documentation linking.
  • UI: developers, documentation updated.

Documentation for developers documentation page got changes that will help any developer to get started with Hivesigner and learn about use cases.


We are numbering each section to help developers follow step by step actions and guide them to get best out of Hivesigner and start integrating with Hive.

Each section has relevant links to learn more and other use cases.

Showcasing usages like Imagehoster where with minor changes could be used for securing backend of any Web/Mobile/Desktop applications with a help of Hivesigner.

As well as use cases like, Hivesearcher where application data is off-chain while authenticating on-chain user is with Hivesigner.

Hive on!

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Hivesigner proposal | Hivesearcher proposal
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