Some extra changes are being bundled into hf24 regarding the proposal system, we want your opinion on it

7 months ago
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It was discussed before,but now the core dev team decided to move forward with the changes, so we would like to hear about your thoughts:

proposal update operation

This is an operation to allow (at no cost) proposal owners to change some parameters for their proposals. This includes

  • title
  • permlink
  • price

For the price an user can only decrease the amount, for obvious reasons. And if you voted okay for a proposal at 100 HBD, surely you are okay with a proposal at 90 HBD.

This solves the problem where someone submits a proposal that is deemed too expensive by stakeholders but then your only solution is making a new proposal which means having to ask everyone to re-vote on your other proposal.

Proposal creation price increase past 60 days

This one was discussed extensively here

I'll quote blocktrades, the one who initially brought that idea up

For example, to create a post that "exists" (end_time - creation_time) for one year would cost 356 HBD (356 days). Proposer can increase their payout by 1 HBD per day to cover this cost (assuming their proposal gets approved).
This may encourage posters who are not sure they will get funded to created shorter term "milestone" type proposals (e.g. phase 1, phase 2, etc), instead of creating one post for the entire development interval. Of course, each of these subsequent proposals would need to be voted-in, but this would also allow for more oversight of the project.

In the end the change doesn't really change much, if you plan on getting funded, you can just add one HBD to your daily pay to cover this cost, and this prevents us from having anyone creating a proposal that will last 10 years constantly being displayed cluttering the proposal list.

We felt 60 days for the cutoff was a good amount, for most proposals. What do you think ?