[Acid Plays] FFXIV #3 - Getting some fresh high level lewt

11 days ago
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Patience running thinner than ice I'm at this point just fast clicking through all quests and just trying to get them done as fast as possible to hopefully get to some PvP combat as soon as possible. Someone mentioned it'll happen at level 30 when I also will receive another class I can use/train or something, I don't know I'm new at this. Still trying to look at some cutscenes to not miss out on the content and storyline all too much and quite enjoying the combat so far. It feels a bit weird and hacky at times when using abilities, like the character will stop running or run toward the monster when using certain abilities even though I was trying to kite the monster around but was surprised to find out you could even use your abilities while literally facing away and running towards the other direction.

This newfound knowledge will surely help me in PvP when I'm out there trying to surive and kite and hope other classes can't get near me easily at these lower levels but I fear there will be so many alts who know how to play and possible have some loot they've pimped their characters up with due to their mains that I'm still going to end up getting rekt no matter my experience from WoW PvP.

Until then and next episode where we'll be trying to level up as fast as possible while taking a breather through lore cut scenes. :3

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