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Do you see something different at my city?
That is right, I moved to the mountains 😂 now my city is not boring anymore because of a background card called Clear Sky


Background Cards - don't have to much values theses days, around 2200 SIM in the market, and at that prices even if you don't discover one you should get one from the market so every time you visit your city to feel relaxed 😊

Now lets talk about money 😊 we all know if you want to get cards you must invest in the game, more you invest more you earn, then from earning you can buy new cards and grow your city and well ... is a loop 😅 but a fun one.

My city:

Unique Cards: 14
Population: 624
Income: 187 SIM Daily

Popularity: 252
Unemployment: 10
Social Support: 2
Education: 338 (8%)
Creativity: 41 (0.5%)
Training Chance: 24.1%
Approximate City Value: 104,768 SIM

My tech discovery chances are getting better, now is 8% 😊
Last night unlocked for discovery another tech card called Eco Energy but since tech card discovery are rare might be some days or weeks because I get something

Taxes are low today only 16% and the war is over so not war taxes.
My crime rate got to 24% woooaaa, but I am not scared because I don't have any Bank, Shopping Mall or Casino so my city can not get robbed.

That is all for today from aromadiphoto city, stay tuned for more exiting news from the city with clear sky and fresh mountain air 😊

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