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A big hello from aromadiphoto city 😀
Latest news from dcity game and from my city.

Believe it or not is day 3 of high taxes, still 50% taxes on income, we still don't have the most important tax activated, the police tax that is only 1% and improve a lot your police stations and guess what is still war.

I got in to my city a new Military Industrial Complex, that is full of F16 planes 🤣 so I am ready for war.

That military complex bring me 77 extra SIM. But considering you already loose 10% from income when is war is a good idea to have more of these.

War tax - funding war
When The President declares war, players pay a 10% tax and 80% of that goes to the Military Industrial Complex.



In 12 days we will have a new president, not sure if would be better or worse then current one 😆
but we will see.
seems like xxx with a lot of x is on top


Update from my city

Population: 1162
Income: 205
Popularity: 604

Unemployment: 2
Social Support: 0
Education: 618 (15%)
Creativity: 45 (0.6%)
Training Chance: 24.1%
Approximate City Value: 328,341 SIM

My current rank is 144

Are you playing dcity? what is your opinion so far?

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It's the second post I notice from you... then decided to check! =)

You have a good eye for post quality and "image impact" in general. Keep that! ;)

Really like your picture editing skills. Be sure to make good use of that art... it's greatly appreciated here in #HIVE... just need to find the right "marketing" people.

yeah my main focus is on other account @pixaroma 😊 and I use this for dcity and alternative, but I might try some dcity fan art or something

Yes, I'm playing dCity. I just got robbed 400 SIM last night. Looks like crime rate increases.

We don't know what would happen when we see a new president. I hope things will get better. Thank you for sharing the updates!

yeah I saw your name on discord :) I got robbed too with 400 sim yesterday on my other account pixaroma 😀 I see you got rid of casino now you can get robbed with max 150 sim, i really hope they will activate police soon, I got 0 crime rate and after tax removed I got 78% which is crazy

Oh man! You're top 28! :)

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